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Makeup Talk With...Rochelle Clarke

Get to know more about your favourite Youtube Vlogger, mother, wife and beauty guru Rochelle Clarke aka Crazy Lightskinned Girl.

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Beats & Blush Beauty Blog would like to introduce a new blog segment for those that would love to know more about their favourite beauty Influencers changing the makeup game.

I was honoured to interview Youtuber, Influencer, makeup lover as well as wife and mother Rochelle Clarke aka Crazy Light skin Girl. We sat down to speak about makeup and some tips and tricks she has for new beauty lovers.


Beats & Blush: How did you get into makeup?

Rochelle Clarke: Two years ago, when I started youtube, I knew nothing about makeup. I wasn't concerned about how I looked and it didn't matter to me. As time went on I met other Youtuber's that were makeup artists and that was when my curiosity was sparked.

One of the first makeup artist I watched was Missy Lynn. After I met her and watched her put her makeup on it didn't seem like a bad idea. Prior to putting makeup on I was totally oblivious to makeup. I didn't know what it was, I didn't get the layers, it didn't make sense to me. After watching Missy Lynn she taught me tricks, that's how I got interested.

BB: What was the most difficult technique for you to learn?

RC: The most difficult technique was the highlight and contouring. It may seem simple when you watch the tutorials. When it comes down to it, it's definitely something you have to practice, try and test before you're sure of how you want your highlight and contour how to look.

Everyone is a different colour, people are going for different looks. You might want a different colour on your cheek. There is red or brown dark (contour shades). How light do you go? That is why you try it yourself and try different products to figure out what works for you.

BB: What encouraged you to create a Youtube channel dedicated to beauty?

RC: I wanted to be different because I found that most of the people I watched on Youtube seemed to already know what they were doing. I felt I was always watching an expert. I wanted to bring a different point of view, where I am not the expert and (the audience) can watch me grow and learn with me. I was inspired by that.

There was a lot or trial and error and I'm happy it worked out.

BB: What are the most popular questions you get asked about your makeup?

RC: I'm most often asked about my lip colours. I guess it stands out most to people.... and my lashes.

I'm still trying to find the difference between the cheap and more expensive brands in terms of lipsticks and lashes. I still have to try more varieties.

BB: What are your 5 go to products you can't live without?

RC: 100% foundation, without highlight and contour, lashes, a lip colour, bronzer and my brow highlight.

BB: Do you feel makeup has changed you in anyway?

RC: It has. At one point I thought makeup was unnecessary, pointless. I feel like people really appreciated natural beauty, but they also appreciate makeup just as much. I've learned how to be less self conscious about whether I'm wearing makeup or not. Sometimes wearing makeup can make you feel different. Your confidence level goes up but I want it to stay up even when I'm not wearing makeup.

BB: How does your husband feel about you wearing makeup?

RC: He doesn't mind it. I think it would be a problem it I felt it was necessary. I don't feel it is necessary. A lot of the time I vlog or take pictures without makeup. I think your spouse would have a problem with it if you can't live without it or your work changes with or without makeup.

BB: What are your thoughts about younger kids getting into makeup?

RC: I think its completely unnecessary because I don't feel that young kid should get into makeup whatsoever. When I say kids it's at least to grade 8 or 9 (13/14 years old). It's one thing to get into makeup for prom or a wedding. But in terms of kids getting into a huge skill set in makeup, I don't think its a good idea. My daughter isn't allowed to get into makeup at her age. A lot of people say, "do as I say, not as I do". She's a child, and society wants to balance the playing field. Children think they have the right to wear makeup because their parents have the right. I'm not going to stop wearing makeup because my daughter wants to wear it. She has to understand that she has to wait until she is a certain age.

BB: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now with your beauty channel?

RC: In 10 years, I see myself coming out with affordable products. My personality is into affordability. I hope by then I could share my findings and secrets for normal people that might not have a lot of funds.

BB: What advise can you give to those experimenting with makeup?

RC: Samples. Go to Sephora and get some samples. At first I thought, oh no that's ghetto or weird. But these makeup companies have bazillion dollars and want you to sample it. Don't be scared, don't be shy. Sephora is not losing any money if want every sample, so why not. Sample everything you can.

Makeup is all or nothing. You can't skip certain steps, this was me initially. I would highlight and not use setting powder, then my eyes would be cracky. Try to understand why am I doing this step.

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