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5 Guys You Should Avoid If You're Looking For Something Serious

We all know them, we all think we can change them, but we all know we never will.

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5. "Hey, do you want to come home with me?"


No one night stand is going to turn into a serious relationship, so save yourself the time and heart break and avoid this guy altogether.

4. "I just got out of a relationship."


Unless you want to be someone's rebound girl who is too naive to see that she's a rebound girl, this guy is not your prince charming.

3. "I don't like to put labels on things."


He's only saying he doesn't like labels so he can sleep around without "technically" cheating on you. This. Guy. Is. The. Worst.

2. "I've never really had a 'girlfriend'."


Unless he's in 6th grade it's a little strange that he's never been committed to someone long enough to call them his girlfriend. You don't want to be with someone who you have to teach the skill of boyfriend-ing to, so steer clear of this dude.

1. "I'm not looking for anything serious right now."


You're not Sandy from Grease--you're not going to change this guy's mind. Don't let him string you along! Just kick this guy to the curb.

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