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    Why Taylor Swift is the One Pop Star to Rule Them All

    Yes, we've all caught a little case of the Beeb fever. But let's not forget that a Taylor Swift love is one that will last. Here's 13 reasons why:

    • 1. She writes all of her own songs

      Unlike most teen sensations, Taylor writes songs about her own personal experiences. This love of writing first materialized in the three-page long poem she composed in the fourth grade entitled, “Monster in my Closet.” After the family’s computer repairman taught her a few chords on the guitar, she began writing songs about her relationship with her high school classmates. Her first song was “Lucky you.”

    • 2. She fought for success the old fashioned way – by taking to the streets

      At the ripe old age of 11, Taylor went to Nashville in the hopes of obtaining a record deal. Despite being turned away from every place she went, Taylor persevered. She returned to Nashville time and time again until she finally signed a deal.

    • 3. She liked Bieber before it was ‘hip’ to like the Beeb

      TayTay used the Beeb’s first hit song for a video blog. Helping get the Beeb on the map! Without Taylor, there would be no Beeb.

    • 4. She has a great sense of humor about her break-ups

      ...In an “F-you Joe Jonas” sort of way

    • 5. Taylor never went through an awkward hair stage.

      Her hair looks like spun silk. It’s like if Rapunzel’s hair was woven by Rumpelstiltskin.

    • 6. She’s always losing her retainer. And then her mom yells at her about it.

      She’s just like you!

    • 7. Katy Perry, Beyonce, Pink and even OBAMA <3 her

      When Kayne forever cemented his place as a drunken jackass, the WORLD came to Taylor’s defense.

    • 8. She has her own greeting card line

      And they are sparkly and pretty and bring light and happiness to the world.

    • 9. Her mom isn’t a skanky attention whore

      Unlike Miley and Lindsey’s mothers, Andrea Swift is really down to earth (see the retainer incident as proof)

    • 10. She rapped with T Paine and is besties with the Jzoncyes

      You know, the dude that did “I’m on a boat?” Yeah, he and TayTay are Besties. She also hangs out with JZ and Beyonce

    • 11. She’s a very talented recording artist!

      The New York Times described Swift as "one of pop's finest songwriters, country’s foremost pragmatist and more in touch with her inner life than most adults."

    • 12. She loves sparkly dresses

      Heaven knows sparkly dresses are fun to wear. You’re in a bad mood? Go put on sparkly dress. That frown is now upside down!

    • 13. Her favorite number is 13!

      While many consider 13 to be unlucky, Taylor bucks convention and fully embraces the number as her good luck charm!

    • 14. EXTRA: I'm pretty certain she likes turtles

      Because she's amazing. And amazing people like turtles.