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This Is What The Cast Of "Big Fat Liar" Looks Like Now

The truth is not overrated.

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Frankie Muniz as Jason Shephard

Kevin Winter / Getty

Fun Fact: Although he has backed out of the spotlight for a while, Muniz made news for voicing interest in buying the Clippers after the Donald Sterling controversy.

Amanda Bynes as Kaylee

Juan Sharma/ Tex

Fun Fact: Though most of her recent press has dealt with her public battle with mental illness, Bynes was one of the funniest teen comedians in the '90s and '00s, winning four Kids' Choice Awards.

Paul Giamatti as Marty Wolf

Andrew Toth / Getty

Fun Fact: Acting in everything from Downtown Abbey to 12 Years A Slave, it's no surprise that the acclaimed actor graduated from Yale School of Drama.

Amanda Detmer as Monty Kirkham

Kevin Winter / Getty

Fun fact: Since playing Marty Wolf's tireless assistant, Detmer has had roles on shows such as Private Practice and Necessary Roughness.

Donald Faison as Frank Jackson

Jerod Harris / Getty

Fun Fact: Known most notably for his role on Scrubs, Faison has also done voice-over work on The Boondocks and American Dad.

Russell Hornsby as Marcus Duncan


Fun Fact: Hornsby played Marty's boss, and since then has tackled other dramatic television roles. Currently, he plays Lt. Hank Griffin in the NBC series Grimm.

John Cho as Dustin "Dusty" Wong

Kevin Winter / Getty

Fun Fact: A hip director in Big Fat Liar, Cho says that the next Star Trek set to release in 2016, where he plays Hikaru Sulu, will "blow people away."

Lee Majors as Vince

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty

Fun Fact: Majors had a great career before Big Fat Liar, starring in the TV movie The Six Million Dollar Man. At 73 years old, he continues to make appearances in shows such as Dallas.

Sandra Oh as Mrs. Phyllis Caldwell

Frazer Harrison / Getty

Fun Fact: A schoolteacher in Big Fat Liar, Sandra made her final exit on Grey's Anatomy after 11 seasons and a Golden Globe win.

Taran Killam as Bret Callaway

Jenny Anderson / Getty

Fun Fact: Known as Muniz's unintelligent bully in Big Fat Liar, Killam has had great success, acting as a cast member on The Amanda Show, SNL, and most recently in 12 Years a Slave.

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