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17 Photos Of A Christmas In California That Will Make You Incredibly Jealous

With weather as warm as our holiday spirit.

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1. Just because there's beach weather doesn't mean there's no holiday spirit!

2. It just means you'll be getting shades in your stocking.

3. You can roll through the city with cheer, whether it be by way of a jolly trolley in San Francisco...

4. ...or a pimped-out penguin boat in Newport Beach.

5. Even though it's not cold in Palm Springs...

6. ...there's actually snow in Big Bear!

7. Downtown LA can enjoy all the beauty of a winter frost without dealing with any of those cold weather traffic delays.

8. But we still get the real deal snow in some places, like Tahoe.

9. Rodeo Drive is the only place where palm trees look twice as fancy as Christmas trees.

10. California has way too much Christmas spirit for The Grinch to ever steal it!

11. Instead of having one tree in your living room, you can visit Yosemite and see hundreds of Christmas trees.

12. You can see the holiday cheer all the way from up north at the capital, Sacramento.

13. The light display at Disneyland outshines any competitive neighbor's house.

14. Nothing's better than a Napa Christmas, surrounded by loved ones and barrels of wine.

Kris Vera-Phillips / Via Flickr: queenkv

15. The Mission Inn dazzles anyone who comes to see it.

16. If all this doesn't make you feel like Christmas in Cali is the best...

17. ...then this Santa cruising the boardwalk on a bike will.

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