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    The Top 27 '90s Outfits Fran Drescher Wore In "The Nanny"

    There's no such thing as too many blazers.

    1. The Swarovski Studded Shoulder Pads

    2. The "Miley Cyrus" Hologram Dress

    3. The "Hotel Lobby Carpet" Dress

    4. The "X-Mas Wreath" Dress

    5. The "Classic Biker Chick"

    6. The "Children's Doodle" Two-Piece Set

    7. The "Vintage Candy Cane" Dress Suit

    8. The "In Living Color" Blazer Dress

    9. The "Pinwheel" Blazer

    10. The "All Cheetah Everything"

    11. The "Black, White, and Red All Over" Sweater Suit

    12. The "Rubix Cube" Blazer

    13. The "50 Shades of Peach" Blazer Dress

    14. The "Stained Glass" Beach Wrap

    15. The "Mooove Over" Cow Print Trenchcoat

    16. The "Shrunk In The Wash" Turtleneck

    17. The "Fade To Blue" Turtleneck and Blazer

    18. The "Buried Treasure" Cosby Sweater

    19. The "Only Fran Can Pull This Off" Velvet Chartreuse Set

    20. The "Cher From Clueless" Blazer

    21. The "Clifford the Big Red Dog" Faux Fur Coat

    22. The "Baby Spice" Dress

    23. The "101 Dalmations" Kufi Hat and Vest Set

    24. The "Earth's Layers" Suit Set

    25. The "Reptilian" Vest

    26. The "Drill Sergeant" Suit Set

    Thank you, Fran, for being our 90s' fashion fave!