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18 Faces Every Broke Person Has Made

Top Ramen or Easy Mac? THAT is the question.

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1. When you're waiting for your direct deposit to show in your account:

2. When your parents say that you're spending too much:


3. When you ask your parents for money:

Getty Images for BET Kevin Winter

4. When your friend says they can't pay you back until next week:

5. When you barely ordered anything, but everyone wants to split the bill evenly:

Bravo / Via

6. When you can only afford the pregame because you don't have enough to go to a bar:

BBC / Via

7. When it's the first of the month and you're unsure about rent:

8. When you didn't expect the 20% gratuity on top of the bill:

9. When you check your account and realize you already spent half your paycheck:

Pixar / Via

10. When you're waiting to see if your transaction goes through:

NBC / Via

11. When your card gets declined:

Polygram Filmed Entertainment / Via

12. When your college starts calling and asking for donations:

13. When you don't even check your wallet cause you know nothing's in there:

14. When you realize you're out of school and your meals don't pay for themselves:

ABC / Via

15. When you realize you don't have to spend money because you may have leftovers in the fridge:

Media Pro Pictures / Via

16. When you charm your way into a club for free:

17. When the grace period for your college loans has ended:

18. When you find 20 bucks in your pocket:

NBC / Via

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