The Ultimate Mrs. Doubtfire Halloween Costume

Because every day should be Euphegenia Doubtfire Day, dear.

1. Remember that classic “hot flashes” scene from Mrs. Doubtfire?

20th Century Fox / Via

2. Yeah, this one.

20th Century Fox / Via

3. Well now you can dress like Mrs. Doubtfire, hot flashes not included.

4. What You’ll Need:

1. A practical updo that holds its shape while you sweep to Aerosmith.
2. Sturdy glasses that bring out your femininely-shaped face.
3. Pearl earrings: two, because that Girl with one doesn’t outdo the Doubtfire.
4. A comfortable blouse in case a run-by fruiting should arise.
5. A lovely broach; you are a lady after all.
6. A thick, knee-length skirt to keep bus drivers from getting any ideas.
7. Skin-coloured stockings, so you don’t have to shave.
8. Sensible shoes, preferably with therapeutic insoles; rushing to change outfits can be hard on the instep.

Bonus points for partially-scorched boobs easily attained by tricking your ex-wife into letting you care for your children, meanwhile making it necessary to attempt a hollandaise when you are unprepared to be in the kitchen; especially so soon after Winston’s passing: God rest his soul.

6. Good luck!

20th Century Fox / Via

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