Betty Draper’s 10 Ways To Be The Best Mom

Because Betty already knows how to handle Mad Men, and might as well be Mom of the Year.

10. Tell your children every day that you love them.

9. Volunteer to car pool.

8. Have lots of activities ready for rainy days.

7. If you find yourself stressed, try doing some yoga

Or maybe take up knitting

Or you could start scrapbooking.

6. Instill in your daughter the power of feminism.

5. Demonstrate the importance of good nutrition.

4. Teach your children the proper way to resolve conflict

And if you are in a disagreement, consider baking some muffins to show you’re sorry.

3. Care for your children’s friends like they’re your own.

2. If your daughter decides to give herself a haircut, simply laugh it off.

1. Take a moment each night to reflect on how lucky you are to have a family that adores and respects you.

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