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    This Deaf Dalmatian Defied The Odds And Is Now Making The World A Better Place

    Fun fact: Love requires no sound.

    This is Charlie, an adorable dalmatian who has often been described as "regal AF."

    Charlie is actually deaf, and when his human found him, he was next up at a kill shelter.

    Charlie's human knew that all he needed was some training and TLC and adopted him right away.

    Now he's both a service and a therapy dog.

    Since Charlie can't hear, his human had to teach him sign language.

    It's so impressive to watch him work! He can sit...

    ...and shake...

    ...come, heel...

    ...and lie down.

    All for a price of course. (Treats. The price is treats.)

    His favorite command is "I love you" because he gets to give his human all the kisses.

    More than anything, he loves to get picked up like the little baby he is. <3

    That and "jazz hands," which lets him know how wonderful you think he is!

    Good boy, Charlie!

    This week is Deaf Dog Awareness Week in case you want to visit this site or Charlie's Instagram to learn more!