These Puppies Were Just Let Outside For The First Time Ever

    And yes, it is as cute and adorable as you would imagine. Brought to you by your friends at BuzzFeed BFF.

    Before today, these puppies had only been inside the house they were born.

    They couldn't wait to explore their new surroundings.

    For the first time, they got to experience trees.

    And grass.

    Some of them got a little too excited.

    OK, most of them got too excited.

    They weren't afraid to knock each other down.

    Army crawling wasn't uncommon.

    Sneak attacks weren't either.


    Most of the time though, they were just busy looking adorable.

    Even walking away from the camera was cute.

    Eventually, it was time for a nap.

    Most were tired only after an hour of play...

    Some couldn't make it all the way into the bed.

    And some just decided their first time outside was just too fun to go to sleep yet.

    If you are interested in adopting these puppies, they are available through NY Pet Rescue.