We Gave Adoptable Dogs To These Hot Guys And This Is What Happened

    * WOOF *

    BuzzFeed recently teamed up with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue and Soul Artist Management for our first ever #SOULMates photo shoot in Central Park to encourage dog adoption (because hot guys + adoptable dogs = <3 )

    We started the day with Alex getting kisses from Vin Diesel.


    Followed by Donovan teaching Colin some new tricks.

    Jimmy Carter didn't want to be left out of the fun...

    So he immediately volunteered to hop on a skateboard with Louis!

    No seriously, it was even cuter than it sounds.

    But this quickly tired him out.

    Jackson spent most of the day cuddling with Harrison under the trees.

    But found some time to cuddle with the others as well.

    Vin Diesel gave us some Coachella ~ vibes ~...

    ... but quickly ditched the flower crown to run around.

    Some of the models lost their shirts..

    ... but we're not complaining. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    As the day came to an end, none of the guys wanted to leave their new friends...

    ... so they took off their shirts one last time and played some more.

    Interested in adopting one of these dogs? Head over to Badass Brooklyn's Adoption page to see if they are still available! Not local to NYC? No problem! You can find plenty of adoptable dogs near you on Petfinder.


    Alex Valley @ Soul Artist Management

    Donovan Michaels @ Soul Artist Management

    Harrison Shaul @ Soul Artist Management

    Louis Solywoda @ Soul Artist Management

    Jason Kanner @ Soul Artist Management

    Kenneth Loo @ kenwerks

    Justin Min @ kenwerks