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These Hot Guys Holding A Puppy Will Make You Feel Things

Grab a water bottle. Or a water cooler.

Hello everyone, it's Monday, and we at BuzzFeed decided that it's imperative we kick your week off to a thirsty start.

So please grab a water and prepare your body, because you are in for a sweet, sweet treat. Please enjoy these gratuitous photos of hot men and Jiff the Pomeranian.



*grabs towel*

*fans self*


*makes inarticulate sounds*

*drinks water*

*checks heart rate*

*calls 911*

*literally dies*

You can follow @jiffpom on Instagram for more adorable puppy pics.



Walter Derrig from Soul Artist Management (@wa11y_d)

Tarik Kaljanac from Soul Artist Management (@tarikkaljanac)

Charley Santos from Soul Artist Management (@charley_santos)


Jason Kanner from Soul Artist Management (@jasonsoul1)


Jungle Lin (@jungle048)

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