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    13 Easter Egg Butt Pics That Will Make You So Happy

    This is not a yolk.

    Are you tired of painting the same old Easter eggs year in and year out? We feel you — it's not easy!

    That's why we invented Easter Butts™! They're just like eggs but bigger and better in every way.

    So here are 13 easy and amazing ideas to help you get started painting your very own Easter butts today!

    1. For the Peeps fanatic:

    2. For the emoji-obsessed:

    3. For the pattern princess:

    4. For the vintage voyeur:

    5. For the blacklight buff:

    6. For the cutesy crafter:

    7. For the pastel pundit:

    8. For the ~naturalist~:

    9. For the art snob:

    10. For the sweet and simple:

    11. For the new romantic:

    12. For the globby bottom:

    13. And finally, for the diehard BuzzFeed fan:

    Interested in seeing more? Click here to get a look ~behind the scenes~.

    Special thanks to Chantel Miller @ MAC Cosmetics and MAC Cosmetics for providing body paint.

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