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    11 Tips For Senior Year

    Advice for seniors by seniors.

    Let's just start out by saying holy shit, you made it. You might have had times where you honestly didn't think you'd make it this far, but you did and that's amazing. With that in mind, here is some advice from someone who is going through the exact same things.

    1. Senioritis Is An Incredibly Infectious Disease

    by your's truly

    Senioritis will hit you like a ton of bricks. This is a totally scientific graph showing the levels of motivation throughout senior year. You start out fresh just like you do every year, but as soon as winter break hits, you will be over the whole school year. Your motivation will pick up slightly as you realize it's almost the end of the year, then you will flatline. That's right, your finals will literally kill you.

    2. FAFSA And Scholarships=Free Money

    ifunny / Via

    Government money is first come first serve, the earlier you get involved the more money you will get. The FAFSA forms become available to fill out on January 1st, fill it out ASAP! If you wait, they will run out of money and you will have missed a chance to get money that you do not have to pay back. Unlike student loans, the FAFSA will not put you in debt. You can fill out scholarship applications at any time. There are scholarships for literally everything, you can get free money for being albino, Native American or a redhead.

    3. Write A Letter To Your Favorite Teacher

    Jennifer Elias / Via

    They've supported you, taught you something about yourself, gave you good advice, or made you actually enjoy a class. If a specific teacher came to mind while reading that, there's a reason. If you have a teacher that impacted you, write them a letter or a note thanking them for supporting you and working so hard every day. I guarantee that they will keep that note forever, teachers don't often get that kind of recognition and it will mean a lot more than you could ever know.

    4. Go To Prom

    prom pics / Via

    You've probably at least considered skipping prom this year, it requires a ton of preparation and money just for one night. However, it will be your last chance to go to a dance while you are in high school. Prom can be one of the most fun and bonding experiences of high school, dressing up and knowing you look damn good is a great feeling. You do not have to have a date to have fun, most times it is more fun to just go with friends.

    5. Spend Some Quality Time With Your Friends

    Chris Gramly / Via

    Chances are that after high school, you and your friends will go your separate ways. While you may still talk occasionally, it's not the same. Spend as much time with your friends as you can, have sleepovers and bond over a road trip. It doesn't matter what you are doing as long as you are enjoying each other's company.

    6. Go To All The Senior Activities

    Laura A. Shamas / Via

    If your school does a senior dinner dance or brunch, go to it with your friends. It might seem pointless but it could be one of the last time you see some of your high school friends. Plus at the very least, there will be food.

    7. Buy A Yearbook And Have Your Whole Class Sign It

    Grease / Via

    Some day you will be going through boxes and come across your senior yearbook and go through it, remembering all of the good times you had with friends. You will flip to the back and see countless signatures and notes from former classmates, you'll find your best friends from high school in the class pictures and cringe when you find your's, but you will be able to relive those memories any time you want.

    8. Pick A Senior Quote


    If your school does senior quotes, send one in. Years from now when former classmates look at your quote, it's how they will remember you. Here are some you can use:

    ‌•"This wasn't like High School Musical at all."

    ‌•"No." - Rosa Parks

    ‌•"I would like to thank not only God, but Jesus." - Justin Bieber

    ‌•"I would like to thank Google, Wikipedia, and whoever invented copy and paste." -Hunting and fishing

    ‌•"Now I'm going to need a small loan of a million dollars."

    ‌•"If I won the lottery right now, I'd pay for college and then get a beefy cheese burrito with what's left"

    ‌•"Would you wanna go out with me?" -No one

    9. Hug Your Parents More

    K.S. Anthony / Via

    This is especially for people moving away to college, you may not think you will miss them that much but you will cherish the memories of them. Remember that as you grow up, your parents are aging too, they still see you are their baby and you moving out will be hard for them. It's just like that damn Extra Gum commercial with the dad who makes cranes out of the gum wrappers for is daughter. Admit it, you cried.

    10. Go To Your Graduation And Take A Group Picture

    Jessica DiNatale / Via

    Graduation will be the very last time you see some of your high school friends, take pictures with them as much as possible. You will thank me later.

    11. Get Ready To Move Forward

    meangirlsofpanem/tumblr / Via

    You will be in college in a few short months, your entire world is about to open up. You will experience things you never even imagined, like crying for your mom when you are homesick, meeting your best friend for life, or even falling in love. Whatever awaits you, embrace it.

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