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    7 Mother/Daughter Dates For Summer (When You're Both Adults)

    When the sun comes out, the kids come home – even the big kids. And while the summer vacations of old were full of kid time by the pool, spending time with your #1 lady now might require BOTH parties to “call in sick.” Here are some suggestions for how to make your mother/daughter date count this summer.

    1. Margaritas and (TV) Marathons Day

    Have a beach day AND binge on Orange is the New Black. Mix up a pitcher of margaritas (order like 4 pizzas) and spend all day in your pajamas (or a bikini, it’s your house!) watching (or rewatching) your favorite show. Make sure dad has other plans for the afternoon unless he wants to salt the rims and wait on you girls all day!

    2. Spa Day

    This one’s a classic for a reason. Schedule a massage or a manicure and then spend the rest of the day soaking up the spa’s amenities. Take advantage of the cushy robes and fancy citrus water, and try to keep your laughter to a minimum as you find your inner peace. Or, if you're trying to watch your wallet, do an at-home spa day complete with pedicures, lemony H2O, and DIY massages.

    3.Pinterest Day

    Remember all those things you pinned on Pinterest that you always promised you’d make – MAKE THEM! At the end of the day, sit back and enjoy a Polaroid of your yarn-bombed mason jar cookie mix hanging from a clothes-pin picture string.

    4.Volunteer Day

    Remind yourselves just how lucky you are to have each other by helping out the less-fortunate together. Volunteer at a local battered women’s shelter, retirement home, food bank, hospital, soup kitchen, or other place in your area where people could use your help and love. Sometimes it’s nice to remember that the most wonderful gift we can give is our time.

    5.Become an Expert Day

    Pick something you’ve always wanted to learn more about and spend a day learning everything you can about it! Whether it’s the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, the Golden Age of Hollywood, or who Guy Fieri is – pick a thing and educate yoselves! You do not have to take a test or ANYTHING! Also you can get informed on life things by subscribing to the Skimm which is JUST THE BEST.

    6.Girls Day Out - UNPLUGGED

    Leave your phones at home and go explore your city! That means no Google Maps for directions, no checking to see if places are open, no texting friends instead of talking, and no Instagramming your meals – a good old-fashioned Girls Day Out just like your mom used to have!

    7.Write an Advice Book Day

    No matter which side of the daughter/mother duo you fall on, you could always use advice from your #1 girl. Go grab some construction paper and a 10-pack of Crayola markers and write a little advice book for your partner in crime. It can be advice for her to live by OR advice you learned specially from her, whether she said it to your face or showed you with her grace ☺. For some cool ideas on motherly (or daughterly) advice, you can also check out Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone.

    No matter which you pick...

    make sure you leave plenty of time for girl talk tangents and a few dance breaks.

    Happy Summer!!

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