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Top 11 Most Amazing Minecraft Creations

The game that Notch built is now earning around $250,000 a day at $10 a drm-free copy and with NO advertising. All thanks to a growing and obsessed fanbase that could one day rival Wow as THE PC game. This list is a testament to the fans. Keep it up.

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  • 1. A Computer

    - theinternetftw - I am too dumb to understand the layers of "Inception" deep meta at work here.

  • 2. The Earth

    - run3scaped - Think that's amazing? He also had to build the walls to house it.

  • 3. The Enterprise, built to scale

    - halnicholas - This is #no.3 and it's not even finished yet. To build in the sky requires railroads. RAILROADS.

  • 4. An Interstate

    -  brt5470 - It's like "The Road", empty and with no purpose but to keep moving forward.

  • 5. A River (Slide? Nah)

    - Jonnyabc00123 - An Icelandic river, judging by the music.

  • 6. The Reichstag

    - ecrider987 - Pre-post WW II-ish

  • 7. Rapture (i.e. they remade BioShock)

    - JamSessionEin - Games in games are so Meta-meta.

  • 8. Notre Dame Church

    - Selepharon - Yeah, but remake "Rudy" then you'll really have something.

  • 9. The Riksdagshuset

    - ecrider987 - More Minecraft pictures up in its google search than the real thing. Life imitating art?

  • 10. The Empire State Building

    - Phygar - If you consider that tall and all.

  • 11. A Big Hole

    - Viterkim - Seriously what is it? What does it mean?