Vogue Editor’s 10 Ridiculous Rules Of Fashion

In honor of New York Fashion Week behold: Vogue editor, Anna Dello Russo’s 10 Rules of Fashion.

1. 1. Fruit always makes a good hat.

Even non traditional ones!

4. 2. Actually, anything glued to a headband looks great.

Seriously, anything you can find.

Including this Peruvian doll.

8. 3. The bigger the shoulder volume, the better.

(I actually really like this one).

11. 3. Cutouts are key.

In fact the more cut out of the dress, the better.

14. 4. One word: Bling

Fact: No one hates sparkles.

16. 5. Geek Chic is cool.

Bug glasses & vampire teeth necklace, check.

So cool, it’s ok to wear it more than once!

19. 6. Fur can be fun.

20. 7. But rainbow fur is more fun.

22. 8. Belts should be seen.

23. 9. An outfit is lost without great shoes.

God these are fierce.

26. 10. Wear whatever the hell you want.

Because haters gonna hate and as long as you rock it, you look like a badass. Not to mention you can get away with wearing things like this bird carcass on your head.

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