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Move Over Avocado Toast, Pink Chocolate Is About To Steal Your Spotlight

The new food trend that will have millennial "food bloggers" drooling.

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Barry Callebaut / Via

In give or take six months, unicorn foods and avocado toast will be food fad history, as Barry Callebaut’s newest innovation in the chocolate industry begins to hit the shelves. It has been nearly 13 years in the making, but cocoa processor Barry Callebaut revealed their new product “ruby chocolate” at an exclusive event in Shanghai just a few weeks ago. They prefaced this announcement as being the newest update to chocolate since white chocolate was announced almost 80 years ago. The neat thing about this pink treat is that unlike its relative white chocolate, ruby chocolate is made with real cacao, the naturally pink-hued cocoa beans give this chocolate its pink tint without the use of artificial colors. It is rumored to mimic the smooth sweetness of milk chocolate but contain undernotes of berry flavors. The chocolate has yet to be approved by the FDA, however news of this pink chocolate is sure to blow up on social media. Here’s to hoping this chocolate tastes just as amazing as it looks.

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