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Which Domain Roomie Are You?

Do you spend more time downstairs with the Apple TV or upstairs where the party's at?

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  1. What sounds the most like something you would say?

    "I wish I was a boy."
    "I have to go to Wal-Mart! I have no food."
    "I'm gonna go take a nap."
    "I have so much to do."
  2. What are you normally watching on Netflix?

    Family Guy
    Private Practice
    The Office
  3. You're going out with your friends. Which sounds the most like you?

    I always disappear by the end of the night, yet always make it home somehow.
    I'm the most wild dancer out there, and there will probably be a circle formed around me at some point.
    I always injure myself, no matter how much I've had to drink.
    Going out always sounds like a good idea, but I'm usually tired towards the end of the pregame.
  4. How do you help around the house?

    Feeding (and loving) the fish
    Randomly cleaning everything when I feel like it
    I take care of my mess and mine alone
    I do what I'm told
  5. What do you cook for dinner?

    I usually pick up something to-go
    Some form of pasta
    I make the most of what I can find
    Something with a side salad or fruit
  6. Where can you normally be found on Find My Friends?

    My favorite frat house
    Intramural practice
    At home. Sleeping.
  7. What does your love life look like?

    Pretending to be in a relationship with a celebrity
    In a relationship
    Long distance :/
    I'm scared of commitment
  8. What Spotify playlist are you listening to?

    Something carefully and thoughtfully put together
    The 1975
    No playlist, just all of my music on shuffle
    Apple Music only
  9. What's your biggest flaw?

    I can literally never make a decision
    Being a pushover
    My room is literally never clean
    I'm a shopaholic
  10. What's your morning routine?

    I have a very detailed routine that I follow almost every single day.
    Hit snooze 10 times, frantically roll out of bed, and run to class
    Checks every single social media platform before getting out of bed
    The same as any normal person's???
  11. What do your Sundays look like?

    Church with my boyfriend
    Recovering from the night before
    Procrastinating cleaning my room
    Sitting on the couch watching movies in the dark
  12. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

    Los Angeles
    I don't even know where I see myself next week
    Married. Job. G-Wagon.
    Back in my hometown, married to my current boyfriend, taking care of our kids

Which Domain Roomie Are You?

You got: TayKing

Congrats, you have your life 1000% together! You know what you want and you go for it, whether you're studying for a hard test or just going to pick up the dress Maude posted on their Insta.

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You got: Madi

You may sleep too much and chew too loudly, but you're the go-to girl when your friends need a good laugh! You always know how to make people feel good about themselves (unless it's early in the morning). You're a dancing queen and one day your family will realize you're as talented as the rest of them!

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You got: TayCon

You carefully analyze everything and take the opinions of every person you know into consideration before deciding on anything, whether it's an outfit or an Instagram post. However, if there's one thing you do know, it's when and where you will be going out on Thursday night!

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You got: Ashlee

You're the most relaxed and easy-going one in the group, unless someone gets on your bad side! You stick up for yourself and your friends and are always there when they need you.

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