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    14 Purrfect Cat Posts To Make The Rest Of Your Week A Little Bit Better

    This week (and every week), I am very thankful for cats!

    Hannah Wong / BuzzFeed

    1. This smol bean was loved and protected:

    u/rmsdisplacement / Via

    2. This one was a purrfect circle:

    u/OurSocialStatus / Via

    3. This kitters was camouflaged:

    u/ratatat213 / Via

    4. This strange little kitty stopped by to say "hello":

    5. This baby found a comfy spot to rest:

    u/hearbenji / Via

    6. This one was super, super sneaky!!!

    7. These backpacking kitties went on a lil' journey:

    u/AndAnotherOne1982 / Via

    8. This floof went WILD:

    Surrender! Or I shall continue to inflict minimal damage!

    9. This one wasn't very impressed with dinner!!!

    The audacity in this little food critic.

    10. This cutie got smooshed!

    u/Olivanders1989 / Via

    11. These sweeties got very cuddly:

    12. These kitties were NOT getting into this Christmas tree:

    When the Christmas tree needs protection

    13. This little lad was downright majestic:

    14. And finally, this bb just needed a lil' help!

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