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    Here Are 17 Cat Posts From This Week That Will Make Your Day A Million Times Better

    Yes, hello, I'd like to adopt all of these cats.

    1. These siblings shared the SWEETEST embrace:

    2. This kitty claimed their rightful place on the Iron Throne:

    3. This one gave their leg a nice lil' stretch!!

    4. This cat was just click-clacking away!!

    Good morning here’s a video of my broken cat

    5. This one said, "Yes, hello, I love you so much!!"

    6. This pretty kitty rolled around in glitter and looked OUT OF THIS WORLD:

    7. This fit feline was truly an inspiration to us all:

    why this cat doing sit ups under a car LMAO

    8. This sweetie got very, veeery sleepy:


    9. This chonk proved that romance isn't dead!!

    But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.

    10. This mama gave her baby a lil' push in the right direction:

    11. This sleuth was super ~sneaky~:

    Girlfriend’s cat hid under the bed after clipping his nails, tried to give him a treat and this is what he does

    12. This one presented us with the World's Most Perfect Toe Beans:

    13. This handsome fluff wasn't in the way at all!!

    14. This kitty BOOPED BACK:

    Sometimes you boop the cat, but sometimes the cat boops you

    15. This kitten was truly living their best life!!

    16. This kitty was oh-so confused:

    she usually sits on top of the fish tank to misbehave but I put a lemon on top and she doesnt know what to do

    17. And finally, a STAR 👏 WAS 👏 BORN 👏:

    My son’s going to be a star . Guys please make him famous