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    Updated on May 11, 2019. Posted on May 11, 2019

    18 Cat Posts From This Week That'll Make You Say, "Now THAT'S Good Content"

    I dare you not to fall in love with these kitties.

    1. This kitty's whiskers made him a bespectacled beauty!!

    u/CracklyCactus / Via

    2. Oh no!! This girl was so very worried and scared!!

    u/vo_xv / Via


    u/AlexandraRae_ / Via

    4. This sweetie comforted this lil' bun:

    My sisters cat doesn’t like leafy greens but pretends to eat them to make her bunny feel comfortable

    5. This kitty did not care about personal space even a little bit!!

    My cat, Dusty, has no concept of personal space when I’ve been away at school for too long.

    6. This poor baby ATE A WASP!!!

    My cousin's cat ate a wasp and I cannot breathe

    7. This lil' baby met a friend that was speaking its language!!!

    The only conversation that matters.

    8. This cat was truly talented, brilliant, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, and totally unique:

    literally the most amazing cat ive ever seen in my life.........his tag read 'please dont take me i have a wife and kids'

    9. This one tried a STUNNING new lewk:

    This is the best tik tok everyone else can log off

    10. This angel waited up for its best friend:

    This cat walks with this elderly woman every day and waits for her to catch up

    11. This one BROKE OUR HEARTS:

    You ever see a Facebook post that just ruins your life

    But don't be too sad!! Birdie has found her furever home!

    12. This one was ~lurking~ in the shadows:

    u/BoggoRoads / Via

    13. This one heard the treat bag and RAN 👏 LIKE 👏 THE 👏WIND 👏:

    14. This guy was rad as heck!!

    u/vpdots / Via

    15. This kitty gave its owners some good pets!!

    Since you’re sleeping, I’ll pet you.

    16. This one couldn't wait to open her package!!

    Internet! May I present to you, ENTHUSIASTIC POST-CAT, who often waits by the door for our postie or those charity-bag drop offs, and stashes all her spoils upstairs. #LinnetApostropheKitten #catsoftwitter #catsofthewriterhouse #postcat

    17. This pretty girl was both prim AND proper:

    u/mackenziecr / Via

    18. And finally, this cute tuxedo kitten grew into a beautiful young man!!

    u/Tofufighter / Via

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