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    14 Cat Posts From This Week That Will Spark A Lot Of Joy

    This post contains one (1) chonky boy.

    1. This baby boy was a lil' dramatic and also a mood:

    u/cheesyfires / Via

    2. This pretty girl gave us two thumbs up!!

    u/stumplr / Via

    3. This tiny boi and this big gurl became the bestest of friends:

    u/snakesareawesome1000 / Via

    4. This bb got a bad, bad hair cut:

    Twitter: @caitchristinee

    5. This one was truly so fit and so buff!!!

    6. This little thief was caught in the act!!!

    My cat got caught stealing my other cat's bed

    7. He did a big ol' scream!!

    u/tommybtommy / Via

    8. This girl was a lil' spooky, tbh!!

    I went to visit my brother and his cat wasn’t the biggest fan of me so I compiled all the videos I have of her and added music for your enjoyment

    9. This precious angel waited so very patiently:

    Boots patiently waiting at the table

    10. This one fell asleep on the Lego Throne:

    u/Aeributts / Via

    11. This baby was allllllmost too cute to handle:

    12. This one found a good spot to rest one (1) ear:

    My husband sent me this, saying that our cat refuses to move, so his ear is now an `enter key`

    13. This babe was ready to fight!!

    u/slothhaley / Via

    14. And finally, this chonky boy came runnin'!!

    hello this is buster he lives at my work he's 37 pounds and he runs like dis

    Don't worry — Buster here is on a diet and getting lots of good exercise!!

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