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    14 Cat Posts From This Week That'll Make You Say, "Welp, Time To Adopt A Cat"

    A CAT watching CATS!!

    1. This sneaky kitty didn't understand personal space:

    “I couldn’t breathe when I slept so I installed a camera”

    2. Zoe here found a way to beat the heat:

    Zoe said bitch it’s HOT. Air my bootyhole out

    3. Quite frankly, this cat was NOT impressed!!!

    4. This one had a bad attitude:

    I yelled at my cat because she was trying to eat grass and she literally rolled her eyes at me

    5. This squad looked tough as heck!!

    6. This kitty entered another dimension:

    Sending your cat to another dimension.

    7. This floof was both beautiful and spooky:

    8. These kittens were ALARMINGLY adorable:

    9. Sylvester became the hottest accessory of the year!!

    10. These lil' beggars made a preeeetty compelling argument:

    11. These two were up to no good:

    12. This one disappeared into thin air:

    13. This guy had to stay in bed so he didn't disturb these sweet kitties!!!

    14. And finally, these two synced up: