15 Cat Posts From This Week That'll Warm Every Inch Of Your Heart


    1. Quite frankly, this kitty was purrfect meme material:

    2. This guy said he wasn't a cat person and promptly fell in love:

    3. This one was very human, tbh!!!

    My cat is so domesticated he thinks hes a people.

    4. This cat was downright mesmerizing:

    5. These kitties went WILD!!!

    Somehow all of the neighborhood cats managed to get into our trampoline...

    6. This birthday baby sported a chic new lewk:

    You gotta do your birthday right

    7. This bb got their license to STEAL YOUR HEART:

    8. This one communicated with some birdie friends:

    my cat had some choice words for the birds

    9. This sweetie sought shelter!!

    By cat law, cardboard boxes are sanctuary. It is known.

    10. This one was so very smol:

    11. This kitty took their doggo for a walk!!

    12. These cats found their own cubbies:

    13. This baby SUCKED. THEIR. THUMB!!

    14. This beauty traveled in ~style~:

    15. And finally, this floof DID 👏 THE 👏 JUMP 👏 :

    I've never been more invested in a random internet cat succeeding