15 Cat Posts From This Week That Are Very Cute And Super Sweet

    ♫ "Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream." ♫

    1. This pretty lady waited patiently for a treat:

    2. This friendly feline had a lovely smile!!

    3. Olaf here was a bit of an escape artist!!!

    4. Quite frankly, this kitty was pure ART:

    5. Gary took in the beauty of the great outdoors!!

    6. This bb was pure style and grace!!

    7. This dragon was oh-so ready for Halloween!!

    8. This one had some pretty sick moves:

    When your kitty identifies as a puppy

    9. Beejay was the CHONKIEST OF THEM ALL!!!

    OMG, big boi Mr. B is a CHONK. He’s a chonk of a chonk. He redefines the term. Can you guess how much he weighs? More importantly, can you give him a home? Adopt this jumbo-sized package of fluff & love: https://t.co/v8aB6PzBbL. Please RT to help this sad-eyed guy find happiness!

    10. This floof got ALL of the attention:

    11. This angel really grew into their bed!!

    12. This one was very cool and very chill:

    16 second of me chillin with my cat (:

    13. This lil' sweetie wasn't in the way at all!!

    14. These two went around and around:

    15. And finally, this little guy was smart as heck!!

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