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23 Of The Most Viral College Students From The 2010s

College is NO joke.

1. This student who got an A+ in being resourceful:

i don't have any spooks or forks so i broke off a piece of a hanger so i could eat

2. These two who pretty much summed up finals week:

I'm pretty sure they don't even know each other #FinalsWeek

3. This person who used their class time very effectively:

Today in calculus a kid in my class spent the whole period plotting points on his calculator to draw my teacher😂😂😂😂

4. This person who emailed their professor an essay titled "Fuck my life":

I turned in my paper to my professor last night and this morning I realized I forgot to change the title...hows your day going?

5. This guy who was the most relaxed anyone has ever been in a college library:

This guy gave up on studying and has spent the last 15 minutes blowing bubbles in the library

6. This person who sent an absolutely beautiful email to their TA after surgery:


7. This poor girl who just...really, REALLY went through it:

My first!!!!! College!!!! Exam!!!! Was magical 🌈💫 D is for Degree amiright

8. This student who made a TERRIBLE decision:

My boy put hand sanitizer on his desk and tried to cook spam in his dorm

9. This one who technically followed the rules:

Twitter: @maddyfgibson / Via Twitter: @maddyfgibson

10. This one who had jokes for the ENTIRE school:

My school sent out a warning about cougar sightings & some kid replied this to the entire school 💀💀

11. This one who certainly tried:

12. These students who were probably just taking a study break:

high school seniors: omg I’m so excited for college, I’m gonna go out every day !!! actual college students:

13. This guy who was late to class and had to the pay the price:

My professor makes you dance when you’re late to his class. This is college.

14. This one who was just a liiiiiiiiiitle premature:

I emailed my professor and meant to say “I am worried I don’t understand some material on our next test” BUT I ACCIDENTALLY SENT THIS HELPME

15. This one who got caught:

I snuck out my phone during lecture and immediately received this ... cue the x files theme

16. This one who was probably just a little sleepy:

went to class today really thinking i had grabbed my computer off the kitchen counter

17. This student who didn't want to make his mom mad:

18. These two who made their dorm pretty darn ~luxurious~:

19. This student who understood the importance of leaving a note:

Left my car for maybe 15 minutes in front of the dorms and I come back to this. College man

20. This one who was a real friend:

21. This one who definitely...grabbed their professor's attention:

just submitted my final paper and accidentally called my professor a hoe how's your Thursday going

22. This one who clearly learned a LOT:

Mom: “Are you learning anything in college ?” Me:

23. And finally, Benny who was an absolute HERO:

S/o to Benny for making this shot and getting the entire lecture an automatic 100 on our first ochem quiz