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    Here Are 23 Things Southerners Just Do Better Than Other Americans

    Bless your heart!

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what Southerners are better at than all other Americans. Here are the results:

    1. "Southerners are the best at addressing a group of people. 'Y'all' just sounds nicer and sweeter than 'you guys.'"


    2. "They're great at coming up with pet names for both loved ones and enemies. 'Darling,' 'sugar,' and 'buttercup' can be compliments or insults."

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    3. "Nobody does comfort food like the South. Honestly, pretty much any Southern dish could be considered comfort food. Many of them are composed of carbs, so it's basically like being tucked into the most comfortable bed when you're having a bad day."


    4. "School spirit is top-notch in the South."

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    5. "The South has mastered barbecue!"


    6. "Southerners have the best accents. That drawl is so cute!"


    7. "They're the best at using insults that are disguised as kindness. 'Bless your heart' is a prime example!"

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    8. "The rest of the country hasn't discovered chicken biscuits yet. My local McDonald's carries them for breakfast, which I thought was a universal thing, but apparently it's not."


    9. "Our biscuits are fluffy, soft, and super buttery. You can't get a biscuit like that in New York! That's strictly a Southern thing."

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    10. "Customer service is amazing in the South! There is nothing quite like the service you get at a true, southern Chick-fil-A, but most restaurants and stores down there are super friendly."


    11. "They just make tea better. Unsweetened tea is trash."


    12. "Southerners have the best manners and etiquette ever. It's drilled into our heads from childhood."

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    13. "Southerners are the best at small talk. We will talk to anyone at the grocery store, gas station, restaurant, etc. We enjoy the company of strangers."


    14. "Hot chicken is best when it comes from the South. Any "hot chicken" from anywhere else is a complete disgrace."

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    15. "Whiskey and bourbon is better in the South."


    16. "The South is one of the prettiest parts of the US to drive through. There’s no better road trip than driving through the South and sampling the varied — and wonderful — food."

    17. "The South has the friendliest drivers. People driving past you almost always wave at you. This is primarily a smaller town thing and it always warms my heart."


    18. "Southerners are great at handling that nasty, sweaty kind of heat."

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    19. "Southerns have a great eye for blending traditional and modern elements of home design and decor. They know how to make a house feel like a home."


    20. "Tailgates are better in the South."


    21. "They have the best late night food options! Like, where do you go if you don't have a Waffle House or Cook Out?"

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    22. "Nobody does blues and honky tonk music like the South."


    And finally...

    23. "Southerners are best at making people feel welcomed and loved. I've never, ever met a Southern woman that didn't make me feel right at home."


    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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