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    I'm Obsessed With All Of The Music From "The Politician"

    Also, I need Ben Platt's "River" cover on a streaming service immediately.

    Season 1 of Netflix's The Politician dropped this past weekend and it's full of drama, humor, and lots of fashionable blazers.

    That's all well and good, but if you ask me, the best part of the show is absolutely, 100% the music.

    To start, the theme song is Sufjan Stevens' ICONIC 2005 hit "Chicago."

    There's also Ben Platt's performance of Joni Mitchell's "River," which can only be described as talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, and totally unique.

    Jessica Lange's character Dusty Jackson is always quick to play a Shirley Bassey tune.

    And Ben Platt stans may notice that one of Ben's songs from his solo album Sing to Me Instead called "Run Away" is featured in a few episodes.

    It's not just me who can't stop talking about the music from The Politician. Twitter also appears to be deeply invested.

    Only 12 minutes into The Politician and it's already amazing? Also, they used my favorite Sufjan Stevens song for the intro music? Sold.

    Anyone else loving @netflix’s @the_Politician & patiently waiting for a S1 soundtrack to drop on Apple Music? ♥️🕺♥️

    @the_Politician can you make a playlist on Spotify? The music is incredible. @BenSPLATT your voice... goosebumps and tears here, after laughter

    So, here's a playlist for Season 1 for all of you who found yourself saying, "I love this song! What is it?" Fingers crossed we get those Ben Platt covers ASAP!

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