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    17 Of The Best Reactions To "The King" Trailer

    "And then there's Robert Pattinson looking like Jasper from Twilight."

    Today we got our first look at Timothée Chalamet's new movie The King.

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    This trailer has EVERYTHING, including accents, ~major~ Game of Thrones vibes, and Robert Pattinson with luscious blond locks!!

    Naturally, Twitter had a LOT to say. Here are some of the best reactions to The King trailer:


    The King could also be a movie about Robert Pattinson and Timothee Chalamet and who has the most powerful jawline #AllHailTheKing


    *storms into hair salon* GIVE ME THE ROBERT PATTINSON


    literally no one: me after watching the king’s trailer:


    me after hearing timothée chalamet’s british accent in the king (2019) trailer:


    ...and then there's robert pattinson looking like jasper from twillight #theking


    We all thought it... #TheKing #GameOfThrones #AllHailTheBastard #FilmTwitter



    me disguising my self as one of the war horses so robert pattinson can ride me in the king


    Can you belive this is the same person? Thank you Timothée for let us know what acting is 😌 #TimothéeChalamet #TheKing


    taking some personal time off to rewatch this trailer and audibly gasp at Timothée’s bowlcut and English accent #TheKing #AllHailTheKing



    Timothée Chalamet like a king, with this bowl cut, speaking with a british accent and with ROBERT PATTINSON I'M OUT OF MY FUCKING MIND


    oh my god the king trailer!! timothee chalamet, lily-rose depp and robert pattinson all in one film is absolute art at its finest


    call me by your name the king (2017) (2019)


    Me after hearing Timothée Chalamet’s British accent in #TheKing trailer


    @RealChalamet is there a scene in this movie where they show the hair being cut? Asking for a friend #theking


    As someone who has virtually no interest in medieval dramas but a lot of interest in both Timothée Chalamet and Robert Pattinson it looks like i must suffer for my own greater good

    In conclusion, Timothée Chalamet can do no wrong and I can't wait to see this bowl cut in action when The King is released this fall!

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