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    Oct 24, 2019

    Paul Rudd Has Been Pranking Conan O'Brien With This "Mac And Me" Clip For 15 Years And I, For One, Can't Stop Laughing

    I beg of you, Paul Rudd: Never stop doing this bit.

    You probably know Paul Rudd as an immortal actor and newly-crowned Meme King™, but you may not be aware that he is also quite the prankster.

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    For 15 years, he has refused to show late night host Conan O'Brien a real clip from any movie or TV show he's actually there to promote.


    Instead, he chooses to show the exact same clip from the obscure 1988 movie Mac and Me.

    Orion Pictures

    Absolutely horrific.

    Here he is not showing a clip from the Friends finale.


    And here he is not showing a clip from Anchorman 2.


    Well, Paul Rudd brought this bit back this week when he went on Conan to promote his new Netflix show Living With Yourself, and it was as hilarious as ever.


    Please note that the alien now has a clone, much like Paul Rudd's character in Living With Yourself.


    Then it seemed like we might, indeed, get a real clip from Paul's actual show, but alas...


    ...we did not.


    You can watch the full clip here!

    In conclusion, Paul Rudd, never stop doing this. Thank you.

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