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    15 Posts From The Internet This Week That Are Pretty Darn Funny

    You've heard of VSCO girls — now get ready for VSCO Dad™.

    1. Robert Pattinson sported some luscious blond locks in the trailer for The King:

    ...and then there's robert pattinson looking like jasper from twillight #theking

    2. These two really *got* each other:

    3. This bf was, like, a liiiiittle clueless:

    when u ask ur boyfriend to buy u tampons

    4. This dad was the VSCO girl we didn't know we needed:

    5. John Travolta got a lil' confused at the VMAs!!

    John Travolta mistook Jade Jolie for Taylor Swift when handing over the award for ‘Video of the Year.’ 😂

    6. We learned some...unsettling news about Ty Pennington:

    7. This video from a 2016 dance competition show resurfaced and it was...a lot:

    In 2016 I was cast on a reality dance competition show for influencers. It’s apparent that they only cast me based off the number of followers I had, without researching who I was— because when I showed up for filming, the producers were extremely upset. (1/more)

    8. Jeff Goldblum was (sksksksk) crestfallen when he learned Spider-Man was leaving the MCU and it spawned dozens of memes:

    Me finding out that my rich husband has died of mysterious circumstances

    9. These tomatoes were very, very crushed:

    10. Alyson Stoner had the smoothest of moves!!

    11. Sophie Turner and Jonathan Van Ness met for the first time and it was both pure and extra:

    .@SophieT meeting @jvn for the first time is the most iconic thing to exist on the internet rn 💕

    12. The internet collectively freaked out over the new host of Blue's Clues:

    13. This barbecue chicken quesadilla pizza left everyone...befuddled:

    okay but I just wanna know WHY?????

    14. Kombucha Girl™ recreated her world-famous TikTok:

    took a shot w kombucha girl 🥺🥺

    15. And finally, this furry friend had a beautiful recovery!!!

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