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Tell Us What TV Show Scene Is Literally Always Funny

Still not over everyone slipping on the ice on Parks and Rec.

There's nothing better than finding a TV show that makes you laugh.

But is there one scene in particular that is literally always funny? I'm talking so funny, it should be considered a work of art.

For example, maybe you think the chaos that is the first aid scene from The Office is comedically unparalleled.

Perhaps you couldn't get over the relatable humor that was Penelope smuggling snacks into the movie theater on One Day at a Time.

Maybe you think Selina Meyer's Congressional Ball speech from Veep is the funniest string of insults in TV history.

Or maybe you can't get enough of the iconic "Get on Your Feet" scene from Parks and Rec.

Tell us what scene always makes you laugh, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!

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