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11 Quizzes That Are For Frog Lovers And Frog Lovers ONLY

Trust me, this is the kind of content you need right now.

One thing we've come to realize here on BuzzFeed Community is that BuzzFeed users seriously love frogs.

BuzzFeed user delannaelsenrath comments "I need more frog quizzes asap"

So, it only seemed right to round up some of our favorite frog content for all of our dedicated frog fans out there!

This is NOT a quiz. It's a collection of frog quizzes from our Community users – all in one place for your convenience.

1. Spend A Day As A Frog And I'll Give You A Frog That Matches Your Vibe

A Pac-man frog staring blankly ahead

2. Choose A Frog To Kiss And I'll Tell You Which Celebrity They Turn Into

On the left, Dylan O'Brien, and on the right, three frogs huddles on a tree branch

3. Only 8% Of The Population Could Make It As A Frog — Let's See If You're In That Rare Minority Or Not

4. Which Frog Matches Your Mood Right Now, Right Here?

On the left, a frog sitting sort of pensively on a log, and on the right, a frog with its mouth open wide with an arrow pointing to them and Henry typed next to its face

5. Believe It Or Not, Everyone Is Exactly Like A Very Specific Kind Of Frog – Make A Salad To Reveal Your Match

6. Plan Out A Lil' Vacay To Find Out Which Lil' Frog You Are

On the left, the Eiffel Tower, and on the right, a frog wearing a little beret with bonjour typed in the middle

7. Trust Me On This One — If You Kiss Five Frogs, I'll Tell You If You've Met Your Soulmate

Tiana from The Princess and the Frog puckering her lips to kiss Prince Naveen in his frog form

8. Design Your Dream Apartment And We'll Give You A Frog That Matches Your Personality

On the left, the exterior of a New York apartment building, and on the right, a frog hugging onto a flower surrounded by various heart emojis

9. Time To Find Out Which Frog In A Hat You Are

A frog wearing a crown

10. Let's Find Out If You'd Give These Frogs The Same Names As The Rest Of The World

A frog with its mouth open underneath the question what would you name this frog with the name choices Bart and Dirt typed below it

11. Answer 9 Questions To Reveal Which Famous Frog You Are On The Inside

On the left, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog in her frog form, and on the right, King Harold from the Shrek series in his frog form

ALL of these amazing quizzes were created by BuzzFeed Community Contributors! Check out more of our lists and quizzes here! Wanna make some frog content (or, ya know, other content) of your very own? Get the info you need here!