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    Jun 1, 2019

    People Are Sharing Foods They Didn't Realize They'd Been Eating "Wrong" And It's Mildly Horrifying

    "When I was a kid, I would chew on the muffin paper when I was done."

    There are some foods that just have to be eaten a certain way. For example, string cheese MUST be eaten strand by strand.

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    But when Reddit user DejaBlonde asked, "What food were you eating 'wrong' for way too long?" it was clear that some of the food rules we thought we common knowledge are, in fact, not common knowledge.

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    Here are some of the unsettling responses:

    1. This sweet treat:

    When I was a kid, I would chew on the muffin paper when I was done. I don’t remember swallowing it — it was more like muffin-flavored gum. I’d spit it out when it wasn’t sweet anymore.


    2. This fuzzy fruit:

    I used to eat the kiwi skin as a kid. I didn't really understand how to peel it, and nobody taught me. It wasn't until I was much older someone that showed me. I realized it tastes a lot better without the fuzzy bits.


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    3. This crunchy crustacean:

    I thought it was normal to eat the crab's shell.


    4. This paper-y pepperoni:

    The first few times I made pizza, I didn't realize there was a paper coating on pepperoni. I just peeled the plastic off, cut it up and put it on.


    5. This waxy cheese:

    My cousin bit right into a Babybel cheese with the wax on. It was at a big family gathering, and I was utterly shocked and embarrassed for him.


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    6. This total abomination:

    Apparently, you're not supposed to have ketchup with nachos.


    7. This bitter mess:

    I chomped down and powered through the peel of a mango for the longest time. I thought the bitter skin and sweet fruit was a nice combo.


    8. This honest mistake:

    My uncle from the Midwest tried tamales for the first time without removing the corn husks. He didn't make that mistake twice.


    Fox / Via

    9. This dangerous invention:

    As a teenager, I used to pick out apple seeds, peel them, and eat them. I thought they were delicious and wondered why I'd never heard of people eating them before. My dad later told me apple seeds have cyanide in them. Apparently, you have to eat a LOT of them for it to be dangerous, but I stopped eating them nonetheless.


    10. This complicated corn on the cob:

    My dad would always eat corn on the cob with a fork, so I did too. I thought this was completely normal.


    11. This fruity plastic:

    I used to not peel the plastic from Fruit Roll-Ups. I'd just suck on the whole thing and eventually the actual snack would dissolve, and I'd take the plastic out of my mouth.


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    12. This milky mess:

    I microwaved milk before adding it to my cereal. I figured it out when my friend looked at me with disgust.


    13. This poor, confused soul:

    I had to tell my fiancé you're not supposed to eat edamame shells or strawberry tops.


    14. And finally, this seedy situation:

    I used to think you weren't supposed to eat pomegranate seeds. I was trying to eat the red, juicy part and was annoyed at all the seeds I had to spit out.


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