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15 Fall Quizzes That'll Make You Feel All Warm And Cozy Inside

Bust out those sweaters, buy yourself a pumpkin spice latte, and take some cozy quizzes!

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz!!! It's a collection of fall-themed personality quizzes – all in one place for your convenience.

1. What's Your Fall Aesthetic?

On the left, Lorelai Gilmore wearing a coat with a lined while holding a coffee cup labeled classic, and on the right, Wednesday Addams looking up labeled dark

2. Plan A 24-Hour Fall Day And I'll Reveal What Fall Drink You Embody

3. Check Off How Many Activities You Vibe With And I'll Reveal What % Obsessed With Fall You Are

A screenshot of the question "check off the fall activities you do," with "carve pumpkins," "watch scary movies," and "wear a coat" checked off

4. We'll Give You A Fall Activity To Try, But You Have To Plan The Perfect Autumn Day First

Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon smiling while holding pumpkins in an "SNL" sketch

5. Spend A Fall Day To See Which Of Rory's Boyfriends You Should Date

On the left, someone holding a leaf, and on the right, Chad Michael Murray as Tristin on "Gilmore Girls"

6. Choose Some Food And I'll Reveal Your Fall Dessert Aesthetic

On the left, a baked sweet potato topped with pepper and a pat of butter, and on the right, Mandy Moore eating a candy apple while wearing a beret as Rebecca on "This Is Us"

7. What Fall Trip Should You Take? Design Your Autumn Aesthetic To Find Out

A screenshot of the question pick an outdoor activity with the options "hike to enjoy foliage" and "tailgating at a football game"

8. We'll Tell You Which Autumnal Food You're Most Like, But You Have To Put Together A Fall Outfit First

On the left, someone wearing a cropped sweater and tennis skirt labeled caramel apple, and on the right, someone wearing jeans a sweatshirt labeled pumpkin pie

9. Do We All Do The Exact Same Autumn Rituals?

On the left, someone reaching into a pumpkin labeled pumpkin carving, and on the right, Kendall Jenner sipping something out of a mug labeled pumpkin spice latte

10. People Are Divided On Which Fall Foods Remain Superior Over The Rest

On the left, some pumpkin bread labeled "pumpkin brad over pumpkin pie, any day!" and on the right, a pumpkin roll labeled "more people need to try pumpkin cake rolls"

11. Now That It's Officially Fall, You Have To Find Out Which Pie Matches Your Hot Girl Autumn Vibe

On the left, Megan Thee Stallion dancing in the "Hot Girl Fall" short labeled "apple energy," and on the right, Kate McKinnon carving a pumpkin in an "SNL" sketch labeled pumpkin energy

12. Which Halloween Movie Are You Based On Your Fall Favorites?

Morticia and Gomez Addams holding hands while sitting on the couch in "The Addams Family"

13. Are You More Werewolf Or Vampire? Eat At This Fall Dessert Buffet To Find Out

On the left, some sugar cookies shaped like pumpkins, and on the right, Rosalie from the Twilight Saga staring straight ahead

14. From Infinity Scarves To PSLs, It's Time To Find Out Which "Christian Girl Autumn" Girl You Are

A woman throwing fall leaves into the air

15. Shop For Your Fall Wardrobe And We'll Tell You What Classic Fall Flavor You Are

On the left, Blair from "Gossip Girl" walking with shopping bags all over her arms, and on the right, a bottle of maple syrup that's shaped like a maple leaf

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