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    Bartenders Are Sharing What Drinks They're Sick Of Making, And Chances Are You've Ordered One

    "Don't come up to me asking for a gin and juice."

    We recently asked bartenders of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what drinks they hate making. Here are the eye-opening results:

    1. Mojitos

    It's annoying to make mojitos if there isn’t an ice crusher at the venue. Smashing ice with a muddler during the happy hour rush takes forever.


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    2. Long Island Iced Teas

    I enjoy making most drinks, but in my personal opinion, I feel that Long Islands are a garbage drink since you have to mix five different liquors.


    3. Piña Coladas

    Those. Damn. Piña. Coladas. Honestly, most frozen drinks are annoying to make. I get it: It's summer, and it's hot, and yeah, frozen drinks are incredible, but when the bar is overflowing with people, it's definitely nice when customers take note and order something quick and easy.


    4. Lemon Drops

    They are so sticky, and I always ended up with sugar under my nails when I made them.


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    5. Bloody Marys (during non-brunch hours)

    We make the mix and garnishes in advance. When brunch is over, we usually don't make another batch until the next morning. Bloody Marys have like seven ingredients, so they're a huge pain to make per order.


    6. Old-Fashioneds

    I work in a divey live music bar, so it’s always annoying to dust off the bitters and go find sugar cubes.


    7. "Gin and Juice"

    Don't come up to me asking for a "gin and juice." Yes, we all know the song. I still need to know what kind of juice. Pineapple juice? Cranberry juice? Orange juice? And what kind of gin? I'm trying to make nine other drinks right now, and I need you to know what you're actually ordering.


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    8. Bramble

    We have to crush the ice by hand and then put all the liquor into the glass in a certain order to make it right. It takes SO long.


    9. Sours

    Egg white gets EVERYWHERE.


    10. Irish Car Bombs

    I used to HATE Irish car bombs when I worked as a bartender. They messed up my bar top when the shot got dropped in, and the thick residue in the glass afterwards mucked up my wash water too fast.


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    11. Strawberry Daiquiris

    They aren’t cool anymore and anything blended is a pain to make.


    12. Spanish Coffee

    I do not have time to light your damn drink on fire.


    13. Red Deaths

    I hate making lemon drops or red deaths. It's a real pain to grab like 17 liquors for one drink.


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    14. Miami Vice

    It's literally two frozen drinks combined into one.


    15. Beer Flights

    I will say that beer tasting flights are annoying to make simply because they are time-consuming.


    16. Absinthe Frappe

    At my bar we have an absinthe frappe, which requires shaking an egg white for at least a full minute. No matter what, I always look like I’m in a bad Shake Weight commercial.


    17. And layered shots

    I can't stand when people order trays and trays full of layered shots. They take forever to get right!


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