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16 Cats Dressed In Halloween Costumes To Help Get You In The Spooky Spirit

These costumes are absolutely purrfect.

It's National Cat Day, and to celebrate, here are 16 cats dressed up for Halloween!

1. This purrista:

2. This bat cat:

3. This evil pirate:

4. And another evil pirate who walks the plank:

Pirates of the Caribbean (cat edition)

5. This reluctant witch:

6. Also this reluctant skeleton:

7. This smol vampire:

8. This Spider-Cat:

9. This convicted prisoner:

10. This queen of the castle:

11. This spooky creature:

12. This precious pumpkin:

This week's cat of the week is Chato! A precious 5-year-old Persian cat giving us fierce, fluffy, and 100% into the holiday spirit! Who's got their Halloween costumes ready? The time is now!

13. This leafy lewk:

14. This little cat turned LION:

15. This lil' devil:

Made me and my cat matching Halloween costumes...

16. And finally, this master of all things Halloween:

STOP EVERYTHING ! I’ve found the cutest Tik Tok 😭😭