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41 Cat Posts From 2019 That Are Pretty Darn Purrfect

Here's to more chonks, floofs, and smol beans in 2020!

1. This lil' Romeo:

But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.

2. This adventurous eater:

My cousin's cat ate a wasp and I cannot breathe

3. This fashionista:

4. This incessant swatter:

So we had to put a cone on my dog again. My cat loves it

5. This sneaky baby:

My 8 week old kitten started doing this thing to where she will know i’m about to come in the room and she will hide by the bathroom door and jump out to scare me when i’m walking up. 🤣 just thought I’d share this cuteness 🥰

6. These surprise guests:

My boyfriend and I have been feeding this stray cat for the past year. We named her Mary. He films her waiting at his door for food every morning, but lately she hasn’t been showing up. Look what happened when she came back!!!!!

7. This tiny gymnast:

8. This late night cuddler:

“I couldn’t breathe when I slept so I installed a camera”

9. This MOOD:

idk what the cat is going through but same

10. This fluffy jumper:

enjoy this video of my cat’s 6th attempt to jump on the counter.

11. This hero:

My sister accidentally locked me out of the house so I went to check if the back door was unlocked and this happened

12. This musician:

My cat wakes me up every morning (and at 4:30 AM sharp) by playing my guitar

13. This perfect sweetie:

14. This chonk on a fitness journey:

15. This lil' backpacker:

16. This temperamental kitters:

17. This angelic singer:

My son’s going to be a star . Guys please make him famous

18. This concerned girl:

every time i say my cat’s name she looks at me like i just told her that her husband died at sea

19. This drama queen:

I yelled at my cat because she was trying to eat grass and she literally rolled her eyes at me

20. These fighting siblings:

the last place i’d ever wanna be is in the path of my 25 pound cat’s absolutely devastating double barrel roll attack

21. This genius:

22. This Halloween fan:

STOP EVERYTHING ! I’ve found the cutest Tik Tok 😭😭

23. This curious critter:

I’m pet sitting. This is my friends cat checking me out for the first time

24. This sneezy guy:

y’all want to see the grossest thing I’ve ever recorded

25. This thief:

The shit I have to deal with🤦‍♀️😂

26. This photogenic beauty:

An old lady took a photo of my cat Chips, went to the trouble of getting it developed and then put it in our letterbox this morning 😭😍 🐈

27. This sleepy bb:


28. This polite knocker:

I’m either seeing things or this cat is actually knocking the door🤔😂😂😂😂

29. This crunch king:

why this cat doing sit ups under a car LMAO

30. This Ramen Cat™:

31. This bean baker:

32. This footballer:

Kevin Harlan's Westwood One radio call of the cat on the field is, as you might expect, an all-time great call. How much of a pro is Harlan? He worked a sponsor read into it.

33. This bad drinker:

my son is really bad at drinking water

34. This smol sheriff:

35. This plopper:

36. This organizer:

My cat keeps lining up my 9yo son’s socks.

37. This squirrel lover:

my dad takes my cats outside every day to see the squirrels

38. This high fiver:

3 second video to make your day better ♥

39. This confused kitty:

40. This cautious floof:

I've never been more invested in a random internet cat succeeding

41. And finally, this internet sensation:

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