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Here Are The Top 10 BuzzFeed Community Quizzes From January

New year, new quizzes!

🚨 ATTENTION!!! 🚨 This is NOT a quiz! It's a collection of the top BuzzFeed Community quizzes from January – all in one place for your convenience.

1. Are You a Soldier, Poet, Or King?

On the left, William Shakespeare sitting at a desk labeled you are: the poet, and on the right, a crown

2. Personally, I HATE All Of The Foods On This Quiz, But I'm Curious To Know What You Think Of 'Em

Anne Burrell contorts her face in disgust on an episode of Worst Cooks in America

3. Here Are The Top 12 DILFs Of 2022 – Do You Think They're Hot?

A screenshot of a quiz question with an image of Pedro Pascal and the choices OMG YES, Eh, and Nope

4. Where Should You Get Married? Just Judge These Wedding Dresses Like You’re On “Say Yes To The Dress” To Find Out

On the left, a flowing wedding gown labeled Greece, and on the right, a wedding gown with 3D flowers on it labeled France

5. Make A Sandwich And I'll Reveal The First Thing People Notice About You

On the left, a turkey sandwich, and on the right, Drew Barrymore labeled your kindnesss

6. Eat Nothin' But Cereal And We'll Guess Your Age, No Problem

Lady Gaga eating cereal in an SNL sketch

7. We Can't Possibly All Be A King — Are You A Soldier, Poet, Or King?

A screenshot of the question what is your role in your friend group

8. Choose A Food For Every Letter Of The Alphabet And We'll Reveal The First Thing Others Notice About You

On the left, a closeup of someone laughing, and on the right, Steve from Stranger Things eating a piece of fried chicken

9. Build A Burger And We'll Reveal Where You'll Travel In 2023

On the left, a gondola in Venice, and on the right, Anya Taylor-Joy eating a burger a Marogt in The Menu

10. Order A Cup Of Coffee And I'll Predict Your 2023 Relationship Status

On the left, a frappe labeled married, and on the right, an iced coffee labeled single

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