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    31 Useful Products That Just So Happen To Look Good, Too

    Efficient and stylish.

    1. Colorful self-adhesive cable clips to help keep your work space organized since all of your devices' charger cords are currently tangled in an impossible knot.

    Promising review: "I use this to hold up my phone cable on my nightstand. It works great for this. I don’t have to look for my cable anymore!" —CajunsMa

    Get a pack of six from Amazon for $4.98.

    2. A set of affordable noise-reducing wireless Bluetooth earbuds that are water resistant so you can sweat it up on your next run without worrying about ruining your music-listening experience.

    These come with a wireless charging case that provides up to 45 hours of charge (with the earbuds able to play for 10 hours with each full charge).

    Promising review: "Five stars all the way around! I am loving everything about these earbuds! One of the best features about these is NO CORDS!! I have really long, thick hair and my previous Bluetooth earbuds were good but had the wire connecting them and it was constantly getting in the way or tangled in my hair, so it's SUPER nice to not have to fight my hair or shirt with these earbuds. They look nice, the case is great, they are very comfortable to wear, and the sound quality is fantastic. I can really hear the bass! I like that I can use the earbuds separately as I wear them at work for background music and get a full day out of the batteries by swapping them. I have used them for a couple of calls and the person on the other end had no issues hearing me or with background noise so that's a definite win! The noise cancellation is great, maybe too good, even if I pause my music when talking to someone, I still sometimes have to take the bud out to be able to hear them properly but not a big deal; it's great to drown everyone else out at the gym. My boyfriend was super impressed with them as well when I let him listen. He guessed they were double the price. I am very happy with this purchase!" —Elizabeth Good

    Get it from Amazon $23.99+ (available in five colors).

    3. Or adjustable Bluetooth Beats headphones with sound isolation so you can block out the noise of other gym-goers while you try to break your benchpress record. These sleek headphones offer 40 hours of battery life!

    a reviewer at the gym wearing the rose gold beats headphones
    reviewer image of the rose gold headphones

    Promising reviews: "The perfect pair of headphones to work out in. I can run and do cardio, or lift heavyweights, and sometimes they just complete the 'fit." —Renee Cuthbert

    "Best money I have spent in a while. I love them so much more than AirPods. Great for working out. If you are on the fence about getting them, this is your sign to do it. I was too and I have no regrets. Money well spent." —sarah

    Get it from Amazon for $131.39+ (available in four colors).

    4. A set of pastel highlighters — they're so cute, you might be inspired to read more just so you can use them. Plus, they're quick-drying so no smudging here!

    Promising review: "My obsession with these highlighters can not be understated. The pastel shades are ridiculously cute and pretty. The thickness and shape of the body makes for a unique in-hand experience. The thick tip that leaks a heavy stream of ink as I drag it across a meaningful sentence or two sends a delightful tingle down my spine. It usually comes after I let out a little squeal of joy at a sentence that was so good only a highlighter would suffice to record the memory of when we first meet. #nerdproblems." —Xena Grace

    Get a set of six from Amazon for $7.99 (also available in bright colors). 

    5. A durable rainbow doormat because welcoming guests into your home just brightens your day! But you still don't want anyone tracking dirt onto your clean floors.

    Promising review: "The cutest way to brighten up a drab apartment walkway. Colors are vivid, the mat is sturdy, and it has held up well." —Sav

    Get it from Amazon for $24.31.

    6. A fun, stainless-steel bicycle-shaped pizza cutter to take your pepperoni slices for a ride!

    Promising review: "If you are looking for a new pizza cutter you have to pick up the tour de pizza cutter. This pizza cutter is fun for the family, so look no further. The tour de pizza bicycle pizza cutter works amazing! I love the fun whimsical aesthetic look, while also loving the fact that it cuts my pizza seamlessly." —Tashalee

    Get it from Amazon for $19.95.

    7. A cute flower-shaped shower steamer tray that'll help your shower steamers last longer! This silicone tray is naturally anti-microbial and easy to clean.

    two flower-shaped steamer trays
    Kechi Bath Company / Etsy

    Kechi Bath Company is a small Etsy shop making bath products that'll make shower time feel like spa time.

    Promising review: "I ordered three of these shower steamer lotus flowers: one for myself and two for friends for Galentine’s Day. I used mine right away and it's a GAME CHANGER! They’re nice and flexible so if you’re a klutz like me, stepping on it isn’t like a Lego in the shower and it made my name-brand steamer last way longer!" —Wendy

    Get it from Kechi Bath Company on Etsy for $6.29 (available in two shapes).

    8. A darling cloud-shaped magnetic key holder so you never misplace your keys again. This easy-to-install key holder needs no hooks since its three powerful magnets can hold up your keychains!

    Promising review: "So, yes, TikTok made me buy this, but so far I really like it. It's obviously very adorable and offers a charming spot to keep my keys that works with my entryway. I'm really surprised by how strong the hold is for such a small object — I carry my car fob and a few keys and so far it's holding strong. I hung it with Command strips to avoid any potential damage to the wall and I will say make sure it's level as the hold is not so good on an angle (but that was from the original in-hand testing). Definitely recommend and for the price, I'm very tempted to get one for my at-work office." —D. Carter

    Get it from Amazon for $6.98.

    9. A wavy, handcrafted resin soap dish for washing your hands in style! This matte soap dish will help take your bathroom to the next level.

    a bar of soap on top of a white wavy soap dish

    Esselle is a San Francisco-based woman-owned small business handcrafting home goods.

    Get it from Esselle on Verishop for $26 (available in three colors).

    10. An arcane-inspired wireless phone charger because taking your phone from 0% to 100% super quickly is the best kind of magic there is.

    flat circular charger that lights up with runes when phone is on it

    This charger works with iPhone 11 and up, and Samsung Galaxy S8 and up.

    Promising review "Product works great, looks cool, and gives my nightstand a bit of magical flair without being so ostentatious that it keeps me up at night, unlike some other magic circle chargers. As far as I know, the runes mean nothing; the only word I can make out along the outer circle is futharc, which is the name of the Norse rune alphabet and is comprised of the first six letters of said alphabet. Most likely the rest of the letters are merely the rest of the alphabet in sequence, the literal rune equivalent of 'ABCDEFG' and so on. Overall, a good find. I am satisfied." —Kevin

    Get it from Amazon for $44.98+ (available in two colors).

    11. A whimsical, squeezable gummy bear night-light to help keep nasty nightmares away. It creates the perfect amount of ambient glow to usher your little ones to sleep.

    several gummy bear night lights in a row

    Promising review: "My daughter loves this! It was so cute and easy to use. Also, there is a small hole to hang it up :)" —Donna Dreher

    Get it from Amazon for $40 (available in five colors).

    12. A set of TikTok-famous checkered cosmetic bags perfect for taking your full face on the road. 

    Two small zippered white and green checkered bags
    The bags open to show makeup products inside

    Promising review: "I bought these because of the famous TikTok video. All I have to say is that they are sooo cute. Great quality. And perfect size. I 100% recommend." —angelina

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $9.83 (available in five other styles). 

    13. A marble mini instant HP printer so you can print your memories as you make them! Use the HP Sprocket app to customize your photos and turn them into stickers.

    Promising review: "I use it to print book covers of books I have read and it works perfectly!! I am so impressed with the quality of the pictures and love how travel-size the printer is!" —Nathan Martin

    Get it from Amazon for $79.50.

    14. A set of fun wooden