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    31 Useful Products For Anyone With Basically No Space To Work From Home

    No office? No problem.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cushioned lap desk with a built-in mouse pad and phone slot to help you comfortably get work done from the bed, couch, or armchair you're using as an office.

    reviewer image of a laptop and mouse on the lapgear lap desk

    2. A memory foam chair cushion that'll turn any chair into a comfy office chair. It'll also help relieve lower back and tushy discomfort. Plus, its heat responsive technology and ergonomic design mean you can say goodbye to bad posture and joint pain.

    reviewer image of the everlasting comfort seat cushion on a wooden chair

    3. An adjustable two-tier standing desk compact enough to fit in an empty corner while still offering enough space for a full workstation. So put your coffee on the bottom shelf (keeping your laptop safe from spills) and get to responding to those work emails!

    the ebern designs cooperton height adjustable standing desk in the corner of a living space

    4. And a cushy anti-fatigue mat if standing at your desk all day is great for your back but stressful for your knees. Its soft foam core will help keep your muscles and joints at ease so you can comfortably stand for hours at a time.

    reviewer image of the sky solutions anti fatigue mat in front of their standing desk

    5. A memory foam backrest pillow with a neck bolster you can use for added neck comfort or to prop under your knees. No more stacking up pillows as a makeshift support system.

    a model loundes against the grasmere backrest pillow

    6. A pair of noise-cancelling headphones from Skullcandy designed to melt the world around you so you can focus on the task at hand.

    a model wears the white Skullcandy Venue Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

    7. An adjustable ergonomic laptop stand so you can transform any surface into a standing desk. A kitchen counter? Desk. A dining table? Desk! A desk? Taller desk!

    reviewer image of a laptop on top of the TRUNIUM laptop stand which sits on a dining table

    8. A colorful project organizer with 24 pockets inside to help you keep track of every contract, memo, tax document, and more. No filing cabinet? No problem!

    9. A cute floating desk and shelf that opens into a sturdy surface for your laptop! There's even a tack board inside that you can pin important memos and notes onto.

    the hashtag home brantley floating desk mounted to a wall in a living space

    10. A pain-relieving posture brace if not having the space for a huge, ergonomically designed office chair has turned you into the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

    11. A sleek and slim storage cabinet your office supplies can call home instead of being sprawled across your home on different surfaces. Finally, order. *Sigh of relief*

    the Aiiden 2 - Shelf Storage Cabinet in a living space

    12. An adjustable folding lap desk that'll keep you organized with its storage drawer and foldable book stand that you can use to house your tablet or phone. Take this sturdy and lightweight desk all around the house as you find the best nooks and crannies to work from.

    reviewer image of the laptop bed tray with a phone, tablet, laptop, and notebook on its surface

    13. A cork board bulletin board to help you organize the notes and documents you don't have space to file away. And you can put fun little pins in it! What's a makeshift office without fun little pins?!

    the office depot brand cork bulletin board

    14. A rose gold desk organizer whose five storage compartments will make sure your gel pens, rainbow Post-it notes, and other stationery essentials are easily accessible.

    reviewer image of the rose gold desk organizer in the corner of a customer's desk holding a small succulent, pens, and a notebook

    15. A metal clipboard with three tiers of storage space inside for easy access to notepads, printer paper, important documents, and other WFH essentials.

    16. A heated massage backrest lounger – it'll definitely take WFH to the next level! And with a cup holder and side pockets, working from home just got a whole lot cozier.

    the latitude run backrest bed lounger on a bed

    17. A small corner desk so you can make use of that corner you've been using to revive a very big dead plant. It's okay to let that go, get this desk, and get a small (fake) succulent to adorn your new working space with.

    the odk corner desk in the corner of a bedroom

    18. A gooseneck phone mount that you can attach to your headboard, kitchen counter, dashboard, and desk so you can be in your Zoom meeting while you lounge, cook, drive, or type up notes!

    reviewer image of the gooseneck phone mount attached to a headboard

    19. A 12-pack of sensory stress balls filled with water beads if trying to work from every room in your home has caused any anxiety or tension. Just give these guys a good squeeze, and feel a calm wash over you.

    three hands squeezing water bead stress balls

    20. A mounted calendar dry-erase board so you'll never forget any upcoming meetings, deadlines, and appointments. And there's even space for to-do lists and notes!

    the U Brands Magnetic Dry-Erase White Calendar Whiteboard mounted on a wall with written notes on it

    21. An adjustable laptop cooling stand that'll help keep your laptop from overheating. Perfect for working on the go!

    22. A six foot power strip complete with five USB ports so you can charge your laptop, phone, tablet, cup warmer in the corner you've claimed as your "office." Which just so happens to be the only corner with the printer.

    reviewer image of the Epicka Surge Protector mounted to a garage wall

    23. A sturdy folding standing desk that you can pack away at the end of the workday to signal it's party time (which might just be rewatching Dr. Who, nobody's judging).

    reviewer image of the Mr IRONSTONE Folding Standing Desk next to a dresser in a bedroom

    24. A small dandelion paperweight so the end of the dining room table you've been using as a desk isn't littered with paper. Keep them under control under this cute weight!

    the small dandelion paperweight

    25. A single-serve Keurig machine that'll fit anywhere and make you the perfect amount of coffee in mere minutes!

    keurig k-mni single serve coffee maker sits on a decorated desk pouring coffee into a mug

    26. An adjustable laptop stand you can use to create a standing desk or a lap desk. Simply raise and tilt for the perfect height and angle for you.

    27. A pack of two blue folios so you can keep all of your important documents organized (and portable).

    28. A stylish filing cabinet that can easily double as a nightstand or end table. And since it's on wheels, it can live anywhere you need it to!

    nightstand with wheels and filing cabinet open

    29. A multi-functional Amazon Echo Show 5 with a screen that you can use to update your to-do lists, calendars, and morning pump-up jams! Monday has nothing on you.

    the amazon echo show 5 displaying the date and weather on a nightstand

    30. A memory foam bolster pillow you can use to prop your knees up if the only space you have to work is your bed or couch. Or you can strap it to a chair for lumbar support. Because no matter where you're working, you should be comfortable.

    31. An adjustable standing desk the perfect size for working from a laptop while keeping your body alert and active, because the best way to get work done is to be awake for it.

    the flexispot laptop standing desk with a laptop on it

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