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    29 Things To Help Your Pet Cool Down On The Next Super Hot Day

    If Spot is so hot he's getting hot spots, it's time for a change.

    1. An easy-to-install shower sprayer for quick bath times that'll help cool your pet down.

    A reviewer's dog being washed by the shower sprayer

    2. A portable water dispenser so your pup can stay hydrated during walks, hikes, and brunches with friends.

    reviewer image of a big dog drinking from the blue MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle

    3. A hot spot and itch relief spray — formulated with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, this spray works to ease discomfort caused by allergies, insect bites, matted dirty coats and more.

    side by side before and after reviewer images; before a pup has a hairless and red hot stop, after the spot is no longer red and fur is growing back

    4. Or antiseptic wipes that, in addition to hot spots and allergies, will also offer relief for yeast infections and acne. Made with aloe and vitamin E, these wipes will soothe rashes and dryness so your pet can get back to living their teenage dreams.

    curaseb antiseptic pads

    5. A bite-size silicone dog treat mold for freezing (or baking) goodies that'll keep your furry friend cool and well fed!

    reviewer image of homemade treats next to their silicone treat mold

    6. A self-cooling pet mat you might just borrow from your pet time to time on balmy days. Super soft and lightweight, this mat gets 3–4 degrees cooler just by touching it!

    7. A pair of waterproof and adjustable doggy leggings to protect your pet's paws from hot, wet, and just plain gross city streets. Because they're made with four-way stretch fabric, you can feel confident that your dog will be comfortable.

    a dog wearing the confetti-patterned dog leggings on cobblestone pavement

    8. Soft chew allergy supplements that'll help your itchy pup stop scratching due to skin, seasonal, or environmental allergy issues. They're also rich with vitamins, antioxidants, and probiotics to support digestion and immunity.

    9. A triple-layer microfiber cooling vest with UV protection. This vest will absorb and draw excess heat out, keeping your dog cool for up to three hours. And it's fashion-forward, if I do say so myself.

    reviewer image of a dog wearing the blue cooling vest in a large while on a hike

    10. A luxe cat window perch if your kitty actually enjoys getting a little sun. Made using a durable pinewood frame and an easy-to-clean fabric, this faux-hammock will keep your cat blissed out.

    a gray cat lounging on a cat window hammock

    11. A pack of four instant-cooling bandanas you just pop in the fridge for a bit and then wrap around your pooch's neck for immediate relief. Plus, they'll look like the leader of the cutest bark squad around.

    reviewer image of three pugs wearing cooling bandanas

    12. A foldable swimming pool because even a hound dog deserves a ~splash~ of fun!

    13. A doggy doorbell so your sun-tired pup can let you know they're ready to come inside.

    Dog using its nose to push a yellow disc on the doorbell

    14. 100% natural dog paw wax that'll provide protection against too-hot pavement. No more cracked and dry paws!

    after image of a paw with musher's paw wax on and a before image of the same paw, but cracked and dry

    15. An enclosed mesh outdoor cat tent because your domesticated cat still deserves some (safe) fun in the sun. Basically, treat them like the royalty they already act like they are.

    A reviewer photo of the tent, which has a tarp-like bottom and a tent-style triangular top, which is made entirely of mesh, so the cat can see through all of it

    16. Or a covered, elevated outdoor bed made using breathable mesh for when your dog needs a little break from running around, overheating in sun.

    A reviewer photo of the bed, which has an arched nylon canopy, secured at each of the bed's four elevated legs

    17. A splash-free, silicone dog travel bowl if Fido can't wait to drive home from the park before his next water break. It's angled to make sure it stays put on the seat.

    A chocolate lab model happily hovering over a blue water bowl in the car

    18. A doggie raincoat to protect your fur child from the occasional sun shower.

    19. A paw-activated water fountain so your dogs can hydrate themselves like the Big dogs they are.

    reviewer image of two dogs drinking from the outdoor paw-activated water fountain

    20. Epi-Pet spray-on sunscreen — protect your pets from the treacherous rays of sun while also keeping their skin and coats conditioned. And because they know pets do what pets do, this sunscreen is made to be ultra-water and sweat resistant.

    The spray, which comes in a cylindrical spray can

    21. A doggy life jacket because Boating Is Life for the ~entire~ family. And it's even got a rescue handle on top for the not-so-great swimmers of the bunch.

    image of reviewer and two dogs wearing green life vests on a boat

    22. A stainless steel water fountain that'll entice your purring friends to stay hydrating by keeping the water in constant circulation. Now if we could only get *you* to drink more water...

    reviewer image of a cat drinking from the orsda cat water fountain

    23. A lavender and cedar shampoo bar made with a natural antiseptic sure to make bath time a cooling treat.

    three little pine shampoo bars stacked on top of one another

    24. A floating ring for some extra ~cool~ fun on pool days!

    reviewer image of a dog swimming in a pool with the LaRoo ring in its mouth

    25. A portable shower attachment so you can provide your pup some instant, cool relief when they finally take a break from ~claiming~ all the trees at the dog park.

    a model washes of a mud-covered labrador using the kurgo portable shower attachment

    26. A no-drip, water bottle for small animals to keep your hamster, guinea pig, or bunny unmessily hydrated!

    A clear water bottle with blue accents hanging from a pet cage

    27. A portable pet SlumberPod you can attach a fan to so your pupper can get some private, cool-down time.

    the SlumberPod pet over a crate

    28. A doggy sprinkler pad if you've got yourself a toddler in a pooch's body. Just connect it to your garden hose and let the fun begin!

    reviewer image of a dog jumping into the water sprayed by the sprinkler pad

    29. A pair of matching baseball hats for pawrent and pup to keep the sun from getting in all of your eyes...and also to look cute, obviously.

    image of reviewer holding up a puppy, both of them wearing matching pink baseball hats

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