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    34 Things That'll Break Up The Monotony Of Your Life

    Because Friday *shouldn't* feel like Monday.

    1. A multi-functional Amazon Echo Show 5 with a screen that you can use to do it all: Pull up recipes while cheffing it up in the kitchen, Skype with loved ones, or shuffle through warm memories by using it as a digital picture frame. With so many uses, you might never get bored again!

    the amazon echo show 5 displaying the date and weather on a nightstand

    2. A 1,000-piece puzzle that'll reveal the vacation you probably wish you were on right now. But since you're home, take breaks throughout the day to put together this gorgeous lake view!

    the agirlgle moraine lake puzzle, its pieces, and a folded poster

    3. A pair of cute dinosaur tea infusers — your morning tea session just got a little prehistoric! Simply fill the bottom half of your dino-friend with your tea of choice and let it seep in its ~muggy~ swamp.

    4. A heat reveal mug sure to turn that frown upside down! Your daily cup of joe just got a bit more fun :)

    the changing color mug changing color after hot coffee gets poured into it

    5. A monthly subscription to the Atlas Coffee Club – it'll not only guarantee that you start each day with a buzz, but that you also get to explore the tastes and cultures of new countries every month!

    Atlas coffee on top of a world map

    6. An adult coloring book full of literal party animals *and* easy cocktail recipes so you can relax after a stressful day with your own home version of a ~paint and sip~ party for one.

    Reviewer image of the Drinking Animals Coloring Book

    7. A DIY beer brewing kit so you can turn your dining room into your local biergarten and visit it during happy hour (or a lunch break, no one's judging).

    8. A fancy karaoke microphone with a built-in phone holder so reading the lyrics to "It's Tricky" won't get in the way of your epic performance. You can even remix your voice so you can rock a rhyme that's right on time.

    a model's hand holding the rose gold karaoke microphone

    9. A 12-pack of sensory stress balls filled with water beads if doing the same thing everyday has caused any anxiety or tension. Just give these guys a good squeeze, and feel a calm wash over you.

    10. A subscription to home workout videos from P.volve that allows you to create your own fitness schedule! With hundreds of videos targeting different fitness goals, you'll be buff (instead of bored) in no time!

    11. A desktop tetherball you can play for a fun trip down memory lane during a humdrum day.

    reviewer image of the desktop tetherball and booklet

    12. A complete cocktail shaker set because it's gotta be 5 o'clock somewhere! Be your own bartender and learn to make your favorite drinks right at home.

    reviewer image of the cocktail shaker set

    13. A set of six colorful and hydrating bath bombs that'll transform your bath-time into a sugary concoction! With orange, lavender, strawberry, and mango fragrances, you might never leave your garden — I mean bathroom...

    14. A smart jump rope from Tangram Factory that you can pair with their app so you can monitor your workouts. See if you can beat your own record!

    the pink tangram factory smart jump rope and an iphone displaying app

    15. A powerful personal blender for some much needed homemade green juice to keep your energy and spirits high during the midday crunch. This thick smoothie blender is designed to effortlessly crush and blend anything you throw at it!

    reviewer image of the o'yeet personal blender on a kitchen counter

    16. A subscription to HBO Max to grant you access to countless TV shows, movies, and enough lively characters to keep you company on what was about to be dull day.

    a still from the movie "CATS"

    17. A relaxing head scratcher because you deserve some tinglingly good stress relief during ~these times~.

    reviewer image of a customer using the head massager

    18. A day-to-day 2021 calendar full of tips and tricks to help make your life a little easier, tastier, and cozier.

    the life hacks 2021 calendar on may 11 2021

    19. A weighted fitness hoop that'll be perfect for turning your daily Zoom meetings into a fun gym session. Just remember to turn your camera off...

    a model holds the weighted hoola hoop

    20. A neon tumbler because you'll need to stay hydrated on your daily walks. Oh, you weren't taking daily walks? Well, now you'll want to!

    the neon lights yellow tumbler

    21. A baby Yoda dishwasher magnet so you can have some galactic company in the kitchen who will *also* let you know when the dishes are clean!

    the front and back of the saizone baby yoda dishwasher magnet

    22. A calming and buildable magnetic ball from Speks you can shape into marvelous mini sculptures while you wait by the front door for your latest package to arrive (even though you only ordered it 20 minutes ago).

    two speks magnetic balls shaped into a hexagon and cylinder, respectively

    23. A pack of 60 colorful gel pens because writing to-do lists, crafting greeting cards, and keeping notes from work meetings can be fun (and cute)! With a mix of metallic, glitter, and neon hues, you might create new tasks for yourself *just* to use these more often.

    reviewer image of the 122 gel pen pack

    24. A pair of pastel roller skates to turn running errands into a twirling escapade. Perfect for any level of skater, these bad boys have trucks and cushions to help you with turns and footwork.

    a roller derby candi grl quad roller skate in green

    25. A mini Crock-Pot lunch warmer that'll have you looking forward to your lunch break! And with a convenient handle, you can easily take it to work or bring some leftovers to your neighbor.

    the crock pot lunch warmer full of soup sitting on a desk

    26. A beginner's Gaiam yoga kit because getting your body moving and endorphins flowing might just help you fight those hump day blues.

    reviewer image of the gaiam beginner's yoga kit

    27. A customizable daily wellness journal so you can start and finish each day reflecting on your daily goals, intentions, and the things you're grateful for. And with fun prompts like wishlists and self-care ideas, everyday will start to feel like part of an adventure!

    28. A DIY bubble gum kit to not only give you something to busy your days with, but because it yields half a pound of yummy gum, you'll also finally be able to blow a bubble so big you can fly away! That's a thing, right?

    the diy bubble gum kit

    29. An under-the-desk foot hammock you can rest your feet on while you figure out which of your 514 unread emails to deal with first (I say mark them all as read).

    30. A Book of the Month subscription because the last time you read a book for pleasure was...wait...you don't remember do you? Every month, you'll get to choose between five amazing books so you can get back to being the bookworm you were always destined to be!

    a model smiles, reading a book on their bed

    31. A cold brew maker that'll help take your attention span from zero to 100!

    reviewer image of the takeya cold brew maker full of coffee

    32. A beginner's crochet kit so you can busy your hands with a task that'll result in cute scarves and sweaters for all your loved ones! You'll have gifts for the next year. Win-win.

    reviewer image of the crochet kit

    33. A pair of massage slippers with beads that'll provide the pain-relief you'd usually get from a reflexologist all from the comfort of your couch.

    reviewer image of them wearing the shanlu foot massager sandals

    34. A mahogany concert ukulele because nothing beats having a hobby, party trick, and musical break all in one cute package.

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