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    30 Splurge-Worthy Pieces Of Home Decor For An Instant Upgrade

    Whether you're looking for a whimsical, industrial, or modern touch, you'll find what your home needs right here.

    1. A set of four funky Jonathan Adler–designed coasters so you can protect your furniture from ring marks in style.

    2. A square or rectangular pillow cover made from lambskin leather that are both as comfy and plush as they are sleek and luxe.

    3. An abstract resin sculpture sure to be a conversation starter! Its fire-mimicking shape will never ~blow out~ of style.

    reviewer image of the red sculpture on a side table

    4. A tufted, velvet storage ottoman whose faux-marble lid means this piece can double as a coffee table when you need it to. Talk about bang for your buck.

    5. A gorgeous, hand-tufted wool area rug featuring a blend of traditional and contemporary designs that make it a timeless addition to your home.

    the rust and beige safavieh area rug in a sitting area

    6. Alexa-compatible motorized custom shades so you can finally feel like you live in the Smart House you deserved in the late '90s. These fade-resistant shades are also blackout so you have complete privacy from the sun and your neighbors.

    The shades in coffee and a display that shows they can be controlled via Alexa, Google Home, or an included remote

    7. A darling knot pillow to make your bed or couch look even cozier and cushier than it already does!

    the sage green knot pillow on a linen couch

    8. A whimsical foam table lamp because your childhood called and they said you could still use a night-light (but make it fashion).

    9. An industrial pipe shelving unit for a dash of urban charm. Display your finery, hang your wineglasses, and store your many books on this sturdy, steampunk-inspired piece.

    reviewer image of the 4-tiered pipe shelving unit mounted to a wall with LEGO creations on each shelf

    10. And pull that industrial aesthetic into the bathroom with this floating shelf with three towel bars to help you keep your bathroom tidy.

    the industrial towel rack mounted on a wall with towels hanging from its bars

    11. A gold-embellished floral tapestry whose modern touch will make your contemporary space feel a little more alive.

    the east urban microfiber modern tropical tapestry hanging above a bed

    12. A fun, hand-crocheted accent pillow if your space is lacking in both neon and tassels. I can understand not having one, but neither?!

    13. A set of cotton-blend blackout curtains from Martha Stewart so you can get a good night's sleep knowing the sun won't wake you up in the morning *and* your bedroom looks chic as heck.

    the pair of beige curtains hanging from a window

    14. A set of 11 handcrafted seagrass bowls that you *could* use as serving trays OR to adorn your walls and take your bohemian home up a notch.

    the set of handcrafted bowls, each of different sizes making a gallery wall above a bed

    15. A pair of abstract wall hangings sculpted to mirror waves sure to ~ripple~ in the light.

    16. An aerial, 3D stadium you can hang on your wall to show off your loyalty. These replicas are hand drawn and precision-cut to give you the most realistic version of your favorite team's home.

    a framed 3D Bryant-Denny stadium on a mantle

    17. A chic, clean-burning tabletop firepit perfect for this transition to fall.

    18. An industrial rolling bar cabinet with mesh double doors to bring a little city aesthetic to your entryway, living room, dining room, or kitchen. Really, what room couldn't use a little more spirit(s)?!

    reviewer image of the Walker Edison Malcomb Urban Industrial Metal Mesh Double Door Rolling Bar Cabinet with several bottles of alochol in the cabinet space and a bottle of gin on its top surface

    19. A large, cobblestone-inspired quilt for an elegantly neutral and cotton-soft addition to your cuddle corner.

    the donna sharp smoky cobblestone quilt on a bed

    20. Or a golden metal-and-wood bar cart if you're looking for something a little more sleek to house your top-shelf spirits on.

    The gold bar cart with two open shelves on wheels

    21. A dimmable pendant chandelier that'll modernize your traditional dining room. Its abstract, curved shape will light up every corner of the room.

    reviewer image of the pendant chandelier hanging above a kitchen island

    22. A super-trendy acrylic side table sure to fit any room and any aesthetic!

    reviewer image of the clear acrylic side table next to an accent chair

    23. An industrial-pipe standing mirror because it's time to say goodbye to that plastic over-the-door mirror you've been using since your dorm room days. This epic and eclectic piece will transform your room into a sleek space.

    the pipe standing mirror in a bedroom

    24. A vibrant, hand-tufted wool rug — add some textured fun to your space! Perfect as a welcome mat, or as a more dramatic (and cozy) living room piece.

    the sleeping sharks rug

    25. A modern and geometric table lamp will brighten up your space while pulling your aesthetic together with its clean lines and sharp angles.

    the three styles of modern glass ball table lamp

    26. A customizable, minimalist mountain wall piece made of metal to help bring a bit of the outdoors in.

    the black mountain metal wall piece on a wall above a couch

    27. A personalized neon sign so you can playfully illuminate your home.

    a white neon sign reading "the rexroads" on a blanket next to a small dog

    28. A geometric bookcase if you're into creating visuals (and storage space) full of fun shapes, angles, and lines.

    the cordoba geometric bookcase

    29. A standing liquor bar globe conveniently located for all of your at-home happy hour needs! Easily (and gorgeously) store your booze inside the globe or on the lower shelf.

    30. A dreamy tissue box holder made of plywood but decked in multicolored stripey faces. It'll almost seem like tissues are growing out of a 2D head, and tissues can't get any cooler than that.

    the Everybody Tissue Box Holder

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