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    31 Splurge-y Products That’ll Actually End Up Paying For Themselves

    If you believe you get what you pay for, then these splurge-worthy products are perfect for you.

    1. A luxurious spa bidet from Tushy that'll allow you to adjust the water temperature for optimal tushy comfort. You won't be able to go back to just regular ol' toilet paper ever again.

    2. A pair of sweat-resistant Bluetooth Beats earbuds offering up to nine hours of listening, so you can get your gym on without your Pump Up playlist getting cut short.

    3. A portable projector lightweight enough to move from the living room to your backyard for movie nights in the summer.

    4. A Kindle Paperwhite so you can finally catch up on your To Be Read list. This waterproof Kindle now comes with Audible, so you can listen to your favorite true crime books while lounging in the bath.

    Hand holding the Kindle

    5. A stationary vacuum — easily get every last speck of dust (unlike your dustpan), even the stubborn hairs and fibers stuck to your broom. Plus, it's got a dual filter that both removes dust molecules and returns clean air back into your home.

    6. Or a robot vacuum that'll quietly clean under your couches and chairs because you deserve some You Time™. This smart vacuum also has sensors to avoid falls and obstacles. Oh, and it automatically recharges!

    7. The Always Pan from Our Place if you're never sure what pot, pan, or tray to use to roast, saute, or steam. This multi-purpose pan braise, sear, steam, strain, saute, fry, boil, serve, store, and so much more. Finally take the guesswork out of cooking.

    8. An Instant Pot because if you don't have to actually be in the kitchen while you're cooking, then don't be! You'll have rice, stew, pasta, and more without ever breaking a sweat.

    Instant Pot containing macaroni and cheese and shredder next to it

    9. Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo formulated with fast-absorbing powders to remove oil buildup, refresh roots, and restore hair health. The perfect hair day is just a spray away!

    Living Proof dry shampoo in bag

    10. An indoor garden system so you can easily grow your own herbs for all the amazing meals you've been saving on Pinterest! The control panel will tell you when it's time to water or feed your plants, so you don't have to worry about not having a green thumb.

    Aerogarden growing fresh herbs

    11. An adjustable hypoallergenic pillow from Coop Home Goods because you haven't replaced your current pillows in way too long and you hated them anyway. Treat yourself to these memory foam godsends, so you can get the sleep you deserve.

    Two models sit on a bed covered in coop home good memory foam pillows

    12. A 6-in-1 Instant Pot air fryer with a digital display will get rid of any need for scarily hot and bubbling oil to fry your food. The perfect french fry is a mere push of a button away.

    13. A cold brew maker if you are someone who can't be bothered until *at least* their second cup of coffee. Just mix coffee concentrate with your favorite milk (oat FTW), and you'll have up to 19 servings of cold brew at the ready.

    Cold brew maker sitting on kitchen counter

    14. A rich and textured body balm made with cupuacu butter, shea butter, and meadowfoam seed oil to nourish, moisturize, hydrate, and heal dry and itchy skin.

    a model applies the supreme body balm to their arm

    15. A pair of sustainably-made, medium-impact leggings that are also squat-proof. These comfortable skin-tight leggings will stretch and breathe along with you as you hike, run, and downward dog.

    a model wearing the rose colored organic stretch leggings with matching sports bra

    16. A cast-iron Le Creuset Dutch oven for some no-knead crusty or artisan bread. And of course you can use it for some amazing one-pot meals, too!

    Blue Le Creuset Dutch oven on kitchen counter

    17. Luxury CBD soaking salts whose blend of Epsom, Dead Sea, and pink Himalayan salts as well as essential oils (and, of course, CBD) will melt some of the tension in your body.

    18. A high pressure rain shower head so you can close your eyes and pretend you got caught in a storm. A very cleansing storm.

    the polished chrome rain shower head spraying water in a shower

    19. An upright vacuum cleaner with an anti-allergen seal that works on both carpets and hardwood floors because you shouldn't need to grab another appliance to clean your living room. With a lift-away handheld filter, you can even get in those hard-to-reach areas!

    20. A pair of stemless, aerating wine glasses that'll help you taste all those chocolatey, berry-licious notes in your favorite Pinot. No more decanting full bottles of wine!

    Aerating wine glass cup

    21. A Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush for consistent fresh breath *and* brighter smiles in just one week!

    The electric toothbrush in black

    22. And add a water flosser whose 10 settings will ensure you get a custom (and thorough) clean. Use this for just one minute everyday for healthy gums that'll make your dentist proud.

    Water flosser in hand

    23. A super soft Casper mattress made using breathable foam because no one should be waking up in a puddle of their night sweats. It's also designed to keep your spine in alignment so you don't feel like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

    Casper mattress

    24. A collection of three high-quality knives from Material Kitchen that are not only razor-sharp but also corrosion-resistant. These are all you'll need to chop and slice. So go get your Guy Fieri on!

    the trio of knives in a wooden block

    25. A sleek wooden Bluetooth record player that'll not only add a retro vibe to your space, but will also put a fun ~spin~ on your vinyl-listening sessions. Get nostalgic and dance around your room to "And then he kissed me."

    the Victrola eastwood record player open, with a record in it

    26. A sleek stainless-steel carbonator if you have a seltzer problem you have no intention of trying to get rid of.

    a model turns the lever on the Aarke carbonator

    27. The Mirror — a home gym you can mount to your wall? Now I've seen everything. With live and pre-recorded classes, personal training, and 50+ different genres, working out just got a whole lot easier. Plus, it's also a functioning, well, mirror!

    a model does yoga in front of the mirror

    28. A multipurpose lift-top coffee table whose extra storing potential means a hiding place for all of your remotes, expired batteries, random screws, and other odds-and-ends that would usually clutter up the top of your table.

    the coffee oak greyleigh tilden lift top coffee table in a living room

    29. A dermatologist-recommended SPF 46 sunscreen made with sensitive skin in mind. Get protection that gets quickly absorbed and dries clear.

    Elta MD sunscreen in hand

    30. A tufted velvet armchair you'll wanna curl up on at the end of a long day.

    two dusty rose modway Prospect Channel Tufted Upholstered Velvet Armchairs in a living room

    31. A genetic ancestry test kit if you're unsure of your pup's breed and knowing that might help you prepare for any potential health problems as they get older.

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