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    32 Random Products That Are Actually So Useful, You Won't Know How You Ever Lived Without Them

    Get ready for things to get a lotttt easier.

    1. A pack of webcam covers so you always feel 100% protected from potential spies, hackers, and the CIA agent specifically appointed to you. Hey, Bryan. Not today.

    2. A pack of Gorilla Grip rug grippers whose adhesive pads will keep your rug from wandering across the living room floor. They'll also help prevent the corners of your rug from staying permanently curled upwards.

    reviewer lifts the underside of their rug to show the gorilla grips attached below

    3. A pair of stainless-steel toothpaste squeeze stands because there's enough at the bottom of that tube for at least four more brushes. Waste not want not, amirite?

    reviewer image of a tube of toothpaste in the squeeze stand

    4. The Nori Press — no more worrying about water leakage or burn marks. The Nori Press works without an ironing board and can press and steam your outfits in minutes!

    close up of model using nori to iron a button down shirt

    5. An Ergo Spout for your mason jars if the way you're currently getting your homemade sauce out of mason jars involves a lot of accidental messes.

    reviewer image of the blue ergo spout on a mason jar full of salad dressing

    6. An easy-squeezy batter dispenser that'll make breakfast time move so much quicker and way less messy.

    image of reviewer holding a full bottle dispenser above mickey mouse shaped pancakes in a pan

    7. A 25-foot measuring tape if you keep eyeing how much space you have in your home, which leads to buying things that absolutely do not fit. Be more precise next time.

    reviewer image of the komelon measuring tape extended out to seven inches

    8. And a retractable body measuring tape because are you a 38W, 34C, or 32XYZ? Never guesstimate your size again!

    the retractable measuring tape

    9. A green and black three-step folding step ladder so you can finally reach the top shelf of your kitchen cabinets.

    a model steps on the step ladder to install a cabinet door in a kitchen

    10. Eco-friendly, lemon-scented toilet bombs for a clean that'll impress your eyes and nose. And because they're not made with any chemicals, your eyes and nose will also be thanking you.

    the lemon toilet fizzies displayed next to lemons

    11. A subscription to Huppy toothpaste — just pop one of these all-natural toothpaste tablets into your mouth for a clean that comes from clean ingredients. And every four months you'll get a new supply!

    several packs of huppy toothpaste

    12. An egg timer will get you perfectly boiled eggs every time. If you have a tendency to crack your hard-boiled eggs to find them runnier than a sunny-side up breakie, this is for you (AKA me).

    egg shaped timer in a pot with eggs

    13. A two-pack of spray hand sanitizer formulated with moisturizers so you don't dry out your hands while trying to stay germ-free.

    a model sprays the surgicept hand sanitizer on their hands

    14. An ergonomically designed jar opener because no tight lid fashioned against you shall prosper or get in the way of you enjoying some good ol' Ragu.

    15. A fun, hand-shaped paperweight and pen holder if you tend to lose writing utensils faster than you can replace them. Let this paperweight give you a ~hand~.

    a pen resting in the hand-shaped paperweight

    16. A cute and practical space pen known for being able to write at any angle. It can even write in zero gravity, extremely hot temperatures, and underwater!

    reviewer image of the space pen

    17. A CouchCoaster — no offense, but you can't be trusted to balance your drink, Roku remote, and phone all at the same time. Cheers to a spill-free Loki binge session!

    reviewer image of the gray CouchCoaster on an armchair

    18. A pack of two retractable razors so you can stop ruining the foil cutter on your wine opener by using it to open boxes...or is that just me? You'll also get a pouch full of replacement razors. Boxes, stubborn plastics, and thick ropes/twine don't stand a chance!

    close up of reviewer's hand holding a retractable razor

    19. A pair of premium earbuds that'll mold to your earbuds within 60 seconds for a custom-to-you fit sure to impress. You'll never have to worry about them falling out while on a run or while running to catch the train.

    jaden smith wearing the UE fits earbuds

    20. A four-pack of Command Strips because you'll inevitably want to hang things on your walls, and if you're anything like me, you're not gonna want a hammer and nails involved...

    21. An easy-to-install shower sprayer for easier bath times for you and your pup.

    22. A metallic peel-off mask if you wanna feel like a futuristic alien for a few minutes before you feel like a model with flawless skin. Infused with oat extract and exfoliating gem powder, this formula works to truly illuminate your skin.

    23. A cute and sleek LED alarm clock with charging ports so your phone can charge while you sleep instead of being responsible for waking you up (and losing power in the process).

    reviewer image of the digital clock on a bookshelf

    24. A portable lantern — easily transform this light from a WFH desk staple to a camping necessity. And because it's water-resistant, you can use it as mood lighting to walk down the beach at night. So many options!

    side by side image of the cordless portable lantern hanging from a shelf and fully extended

    25. A blow-dryer holder because drying and styling your hair shouldn't feel like an Olympic sport. Easily mount this to your bathroom wall for hands-free hair-drying experience.

    reviewer image of the adjustable stand mounted to the wall holding up a blow dryer

    26. A motion-activated toilet night light if you don't want to have to wake yourself up 100% by turning on the bathroom lights when you have to go in the middle of the night.

    27. A pack of facial razors for easy and gentle peach fuzz removal and brow shaping.

    28. A handy-dandy handbag light so that when you're rummaging through the bowels of your purse, you can see through the jungle of receipts you've been keeping for no real reason.

    the handbag light inside of a purse

    29. A mini Bluetooth speaker and night-light with max volume potential for park dates in need of a soundtrack. And don't be scared to take it to the beach because this lil' guy is water-resistant.

    close up of reviewer holding up the portable speaker with lights turned neon fuschia

    30. A lightweight, portable campfire because your ghost stories deserve some serious mood lighting, no matter where you are. Made from recycled soy wax and paper, you'll have no embers and minimal smoke to deal with as you huddle up with your nearest and dearests.

    several campers sit around a radiate portable campfire on a beach

    31. A pack of BootRescue cleaning wipes — those boots might be made for walking, but not covered in dirt and stains they're not.

    32. A stainless-steel kitchen sink organizer to help make sure you never lose your sponge at the bottom of the sink under a stack of dirty dishes...that you can't clean...because your sponge is...well, you get it.

    reviewer image of the odesign kitchen sink caddy organizer in a kitchen

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