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    36 Products For Anyone New To Exercise

    Just wait 'til Jack sees how good you're Jumping.

    If you're anything like me, exercise has taken a while *cough* YEARS *cough* to make its way into your daily regimen. Here are a few things to make this new part of your life a little easier and maybe even — dare I say — fun!

    1. A pair of Saucony Cohesion running sneakers that feel like walking on clouds. Boasting a supportive arch and neutral colors, these sneakers are a new staple in my wardrobe.

    BuzzFeed Staff Taylor Steele wears the Saucony sneakers in gray

    2. A reversible sports bra so you can match your mood and workout intensity.

    3. Waterproof headphones to withstand rain or sweat! These wireless headphones provide up to 24 hours of charge, so you don't have to worry about losing access to your Pump Up playlist on your first run!

    A woman wearing Plantronics earbuds climbs a mountain

    4. A low stretch yoga hammock for beginner to advanced aerial work. And if all else fails, I mean, it *is* a hammock after all...

    a model does a bridge stretch on the red low stretch yoga hammock

    5. A NutriBullet blender to help you easily make the smoothies you've been reading about on What's-A-Push-Up-Dot-Com. It has no problems crushing ice, incorporating peanut butter, or smoothing out fine seeds.

    a model fastens a lid onto the nutribullet blender, which is full of almonds, spinach, and fruits

    6. A pack of exercise sliders for a low-impact but effective addition to your core and abdominal workouts.

    7. A Klean Kanteen water bottle that'll help keep you hydrated in style. Made from stainless-steel to keep your beverages cold, this water bottle comes equipped with a sports cap, so you can take it anywhere.

    8. The Nike Training Club app — figure out the best workout for you based on your goals, your equipment, and your free time.

    9. A pair of fiercely comfortable animal print leggings you'll feel good (and hot) ~getting your stretch on~ while wearing. Oh, and the stretch on these babies is beyond impressive.

    Four models wearing the collection

    10. A pair of seamless leggings with a ribbed waistband and patterns that contour to your body!

    11. These push-up bars to help you perfect your push-up stance and explore new positions while providing a sturdy base and strain-free handles, so you don't ~feel the burn~ where you shouldn't!

    A side-by-side of two models using the push up bars. On the left, the model does a one-hand pushup. On the right, the model does a standard pushup

    12. A lightweight jump rope for those blazing fast double-unders you've been practicing! This adjustable steel cable rope is also long-lasting, so be sure to make this a staple in your exercise gear.

    13. Clean Slate — a cookbook to help you step up your antioxidant game! Featuring recipes that guide your understanding of whole grains to tons of gluten-free and vegan recipes, you'll want this book in your corner as you start your workout journey.

    "Clean Slate" cookbook cover

    14. A durable pull-up bar that'll fit perfectly in your doorway for the occasional (or heavily regimented) set of chin-ups on your way to the kitchen!

    reviewer image of the CEAYUN pull-up bar installed in a doorway

    15. A whirly board if achieving and maintaining balance is your fitness goal.

    16. A weighted toning ball, so you can work out while you cook, watch TV, or do laundry, you multi-tasking master! And if dumbbells feel like to daunting a first step towards your gym goals, these make great substitutes!

    A white hand holds the 2 lb ball. It is about 5 inches in diameter.

    17. A nonslip yoga mat to practice your headstands or stretch your quads. Its dual-layer, eco-friendly design will make you feel good in more ways than one.

    A woman does a headstand on the TOPLUS Yoga mat

    18. A sturdy ab wheel for a core workout you can take with you! If nothing else, it'll make you better at lengthening your body to lounge on the couch.

    a model extends their body using the Vinsguir ab roller

    19. A chocolatey organic protein powder that's vegan, gluten and lactose free. But above all, it's really tasty.

    A tall mason jar one third filled with the protein powder sits on a kitchen countertop next to a bottle of Orgain Organic Protein Powder

    20. A sleek Ubarre you can use during pilates to add a little pressure to your lunges.

    a model does a lunge with the alpine ubarre in their left hand

    21. A standing exercise workstation if you're a multitasker who needs their gear to be able to multitask as well. Place your laptop on the attached desk and get your miles on with this stationary bike! It's also got wheels, so it can easily be moved from room to room.

    the white flexispot Adjustable Exercise Workstation in a living room

    22. A waterproof fitness tracker so you can track your heart rate, the number of calories you've burned, and your sleep patterns. Stay on top of your fitness goals!

    image of the sage letscom fitness tracker on a reviewer's wrist showing the time as 2:40

    23. An under-the-desk elliptical to get those steps in while you work! If going for a run is a little too daunting right now, this Cubii home elliptical is a great place to start. It also comes with a downloadable app that tracks your growth!

    24. The Signature Kit from P.Volve – it'll help you strengthen, tone, and define your whole body with three uniquely powerful pieces of equipment that you can easily stash away when gym time is over.

    the entire signature kit laid out

    25. A reinforced front-zip sports bra that'll keep you calm, cool, and collected as you kick your cardio into high gear.

    model wearing blue champion motion control sports bra

    26. Resistance loop bands for added resistance to a variety of exercises. Coming in three different resistance strength levels (light, medium, and heavy), these multi-functional bands are great for anyone testing their strength and flexibility.

    27. A beautifully handmade yoga rack with two shelves will keep your mats, towels, and blocks off the floor but easily accessible. Now your new mat will ~nama-stay~ in good condition!

    the yoga mat rack with two shelves mounted on a wall with two yoga mats handing from its two racks and two yoga blocks on the shelf

    28. A folding electric treadmill you can slide under your desk for a mini workout while you're typing. Or, lift its bar for a fully extended run!

    29. The Mirror — a home gym you can mount to your wall? Now I've seen everything. With live and pre-recorded classes, personal training, and 50+ different genres, working out just got a whole lot easier. Plus, it's also a functioning, well, mirror!

    a model jogging in place in front of the Mirror

    30. A thick cushioned knee pad for some more support during yoga. You can even take it outside and use it while gardening!

    image of reviewer's hand atop the black dimple high density thick foam knee pad

    31. A TriggerPoint foam roller so you can target specific muscles for a post-workout massage to help with blood circulation and muscle tightness.

    32. A sports bra with a back pocket because how has no one thought of this yet?!?! Slide your wallet or phone in there while you go for a run.

    a model reaches for the phone in the pocket on the back of the navy sarah sports bra

    33. A set of adjustable ankle weights to add some intensity to your cardio! Get ready to increase your strength, stamina, and balance with these!

    34. A compact microfiber towel that is soft, lightweight, and fast-drying. Take this on your hikes, walks, or just keep it near your gym equipment for a quick wipe-down post-workout.

    35. A pair of recycled-leather sneakers for the eco-friendly power-walkers amongst us.

    36. An adjustable weight bench made with storage in mind. It folds up so you can slide it in a closet or under a bed when it's not in use.

    Your journey to your fitness goals awaits you!