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    25 Products From Uncommon Goods With Such Good Reviews You May Want To Test Them Yourself

    Presenting you with your new faves.

    1. A terrarium candle for plant and candle lovers alike. These hand-poured, soy wax beauties have a 30-35 hour burn time, so your home will be filled with their lovely scent for days to come.

    Two terrarium candles; one in cactus and the other in poppy

    2. A set of musical wineglasses you can play as you drink! Just fill the glass to the desired note, run your finger around the rim, and start a symphony!

    Four musical wine glasses filled to different notated major scales and a finger running along the rim of one of them

    3. Colorful solar-powered LED tealights you can hang from your trees or porch.

    Three solar tealights in mint, snow, and saffron

    4. A personalized goodnight book to read to your little ones before bed. This beautifully illustrated custom book will make your child the star in an imaginative adventure sure to lull them into a sweet sleep.

    Personalized Goodnight Little Me Book personalized for Elizabeth

    5. A ginger beer kit that comes with everything you need to make your own tasty Moscow Mules. The kit even comes with two copper mugs, so turn your standing desk into a bar and serve yourself a happy hour drink!

    Two Moscow Mule copper mugs next to a bottle of ginger beer

    6. Kabob grilling baskets for making the perfect BBQ treat this summer.

    Four kabob grilling baskets laid out on a plate and filled with vegetables

    7. A 3D lake topography art piece that's as educational as it is beautiful.

    8. A handmade self-draining soap dish – it lets excess water flow away, keeping soapy puddles at bay. Keep your bar soaps around longer with this ceramic sculpture.

    A wet bar of soap perched on a ceramic self-draining soap dish

    9. A scratch-off poster that lets you turn your reading list into art! Read your way through these 100 books and scratch them off as you go.

    Hand scratches "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" off the poster

    10. A handmade meditation mug with a labyrinth surface, so you can clear your mind as you sip your favorite brew.

    A model holds the meditation mug in one hand while the other traces the carved in labyrinth

    11. A 5-in-1 pen that will make you feel like the handy spy-carpenter-math teacher you are deep down! It features a screwdriver, capacitive touch stylus for smart devices, bubble level, ruler, and pen with clip, so you'll never be caught unprepared.

    The 5-in-1 pen sitting ruler-face up on top of a notebook

    12. A baseball game you can (safely) play in your living room. Roll the dice and batter up!

    The home team baseball game laid out on a table

    13. A subtle and delicate zodiac necklace with stars arranged in the astrological constellation of your choice.

    The Aries zodiac necklace

    14. A lavender pillow you heat for two minutes to create a calming and muscle-relaxing experience that also smells like heaven.

    A batch of lavender sits next to the heat pillow

    15. A whiskey glass with a map of your city etched into it, so you can always be the toast of the town!

    Three urban map glasses; one with a map of Los Angeles, one with a map of Chicago, and one with a map of New York City

    16. A pair of library card socks for anyone who's ever described themselves as an "open book."

    A pair of yellow library card socks

    17. A pack of plantable wish cards that you write your dreams on. Plant them and watch as they bloom!

    Plantable wish cards with handwritten wishes

    18. The Intersection of Love print – it'll always guide your love home. Customize this with you and your boo's names and the year you met!

    The Intersection of Love print depicting "Adamson" and Williams" on intersecting street signs

    19. A set of six jumbo yard dice so you can take your outdoor games to the next level. These handmade pieces even come with instructions for how to play four different dice games in case you're not sure where to start.

    Four jumbo yard dice on grass

    20. A smartphone sanitizer that zaps away nasty germs using Ultra-violet light. With built-in acoustic amplifiers, you can turn this 10-minute procedure into a dance break.

    An iPhone sits inside the PhoneSoap smartphone sanitizer

    21. Therapy dough infused with essential oils that you can squeeze and mold while also experiencing aromatherapeutic stress-relief.

    Therapy doughs in peppermint, orange, and lavender

    22. A magnetic notebook so you can pull pages out and put them somewhere else. With vegan leather binding, this notebook is sure to make your stack of unused notebooks jealous.

    A model pulls a sheet out of the magnetic notebook

    23. A sand art sculpture that changes every time you rotate it. This handmade charmer will delight you and your guests with its glittering landscapes.

    The deep sea sand art piece

    24. A geode puzzle sure to give you flashbacks to seventh grade Earth Sciences class. Each piece was cut to resemble a geode's actual crystalline structure.

    Three geode puzzles; one in pink, one in blue, one in multi

    25. A cheesemaking kit that will have you saying buon appetito and kissing the chef...especially if *you're* the chef!

    The Italian Cheese Kit sits on a countertop behind a plate with a caprese salad

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